Iron Halo

9.28.2019 - 9:00am


Come on our to our 5th annual Iron Halo! We have some awesome surprises for you this year. Check out our Facebook page for weekly updates and website for general information. Can’t wait to see you guys at the 2019 Iron Halo!!

Ticket Price:

$65.00 USD

Available Tickets: 2



122 S Park Ave
Bartlesville OK, 74003

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Peppler Musky Ink Gaming
Alex Farrell Outlanders
Anthony Baumayr <REDACTED>
Antonio Cedeno <REDACTED>
BamBam Hunter Flying Monkeys
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Ben Neal The Wobbly Modelers
Benjamin Cromer Brohammer
Brenden Burrus Forge World Columbia
Brett Urbanowski <REDACTED>
Charles Fox Flying Monkeys
Chase Garber Warhogs
Chris Campbell The Filthy Casuals
Chris kirby Taylor The Filthy Casuals
Cody Boe Warhogs
Cody Irons Musky Ink Gaming
Cody Middleton Flying Monkeys
Connor Mac Cormick 40kc
Cullen Burns Outlanders
Cy Roark
cyle thompson Warhogs
Dan McNeive The Kingsmen
Dan Sammons Outlanders
Daniel Rice Desperate Allies
Dave Danuser Lords of War
David Arimond Lords of War
David Gray Greasy Fried Chicken
David Villareal Carolina’s Comics
DAVID WATSON Flying Monkeys
Dennis Wise Preferred Enemies
Devin King The Filthy Casuals
Duncan Ensminger Flying Monkeys
Eric Darais Forge World Columbia
Heath Shepherd Desperate Allies
James Kelling Frozen North Gaming
Jason Burau 40kc
jesse pinick The Kingsmen
Jim Orr Forge World Columbia
Joe Guzowski 40kc
John Burgher Mastery Level 0
John Shamp Lords of War
Jordan Ruark
Joseph Eubanks Crit Fail Club
Joseph Yost <REDACTED>
Josh Stuart <REDACTED>
JT Kemper The Iron Krakens
Karl stark The Filthy Casuals
Keith Romero <REDACTED>
Kevin Lynn The Kingsmen
Kyle Doeschot Warhogs
Kyle Harris Mastery Level 0
Kyle Malmborg <REDACTED>
Logan Testi Musky Ink Gaming
Mark Hughey Desperate Allies
Mark Weiss Warhogs
Marshall VanNortwick The Kingsmen
Matt Baxter Flying Monkeys
Matt Evans The Wobbly Modelers
Matt Neeley Flying Monkeys
Matt Root Frozen North Gaming
Matthew Dixon Desperate Allies
Michael Boyer Carolina Comics
Michael DeLange Flying Monkeys
Michael Keys Mastery Level 0
Mike Conatser Desperate Allies
Mike Henderson Desperate Allies
Miller Time Miller <REDACTED>
Nathan Bates Jason Horn Fan Club
Nathan Martin Not In The Face
Nick Anderson 40kc
Nick Gower <REDACTED>
Nick Sutherlabd <REDACTED>
Nicolas Weiss Warhogs
Patric Campbell Crit Fail Club
Paul Huck Frozen North Gaming
Quinton Alexander The Kingsmen
Quinton Cohen Desperate Allies
Richard martin Brohammer
Richard Windau Forge World Columbia
Richardjason Harris Warzone Oklahoma
Rob Nevarez Flying Monkeys
Robert Barr Preferred Enemies
Robert Bomer Mastery Level 0
Robert Moreland <REDACTED>
Ryan Cavin 40kc
Ryan Olson Warhogs
Samuel Boman Warhogs
Scott Blegen Frozen North Gaming
Scott Thompson Outlanders
Sean Dilley 40kc
Talon Rooney Carolina Comics
Tim Pinney Brohammer
Todd Bransford The Iron Krakens
Tony Thebeau 40kc
Trash Panda Mastery Level 0
Treynor Wolfe Outlanders
Tyler Devries Beast Coast
Vincent Santini Crit Fail Club
Walt Banks Carolina Comics
Walter Reasoner Flying Monkeys
Wesley Anderson The Filthy Casuals
William Harvey Greasy Fried Chicken
Wyatt Harris Warzone Oklahoma