Practice Round For Cancon Event

1.17.2019 - 12:00pm


Mini Cancon ITC Practice Tournament Event. All are welcome! All are Mates! 😁 Please submit your lists to the event on the BCP Player App. And don't worry, list viewing by other players is not available until the start of the event on the day. Players should be checking each of their opponent's lists during their rounds and also during breaks and advise if there is an error so it can be fixed with minimal change to the lists as per other events that have this procedure. PAYMENT $10 Payment can be made on the day of the event. What You should bring on the weekend: 1) Two printed copies of your army list. 2) Your army (yeah it has happened) 3) Your Rulebook, Codex, latest FAQ and Chapter Appoved.    4) Tape measure that has inch increments 5) A set of 6 sided dice, pens, and glue (for incidental repairs) 6) 3 Objective Markers on 40mm bases numbered 1,2,3 Best Coast Pairings App For this event, we will be using the Best Coast Pairings App.  Players will be able to use the Best Coast Pairings Player App in conjunction with the TO App version. Players will be able to upload scores at the end of each battle, which will need a password from each player of the battle to verify the score. Passwords are given/created/changed once you´ve downloaded the app, for Android/iphone, installed it, registered new account using the same email address you sent your lists (email will be your ITC recording email identifier) and then look up Player Details with the password at the top encrypted. Initially your first name will be your password but you can change it at any time. The Player App always you to also view scores of other battles, view lists of other players, and gives the pairings straight away for a round as soon as the TO hits the new round pairings button. App links Google/Android iPhone  


19 Marshall Avenue
Bargo New South Wales, 2574

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron O’Brien Legion
andrew sherman Legion
Douglas Crawford Legion
Josh McMillan Legion
Joshua Brodie Legion
Luke Graham Legion