Carta Magica Provisional Showdown

2.19.2022 - 11:00am


Welcome to the Carta Magica My Hero Provisional Showdown. Date: February 19 - 20th, 2022 ​ Event Start Time: Day 1 (Swiss Rounds) - 11:00 AM EST - 8:00 PM EST Day 2 (Top Cut Single Elimination) - 11:00 AM EST - 4:00 PM EST ​Where: From the comfort of your own home ​ Registration: This event is going to be limited to128 players. Registration will officially open February 6th at 12:00 PM EST Please note this event is capped at 128 players. All you need to do to register is click the register button below and follow the checkout steps. MY HERO ACADEMIA CARTA MAGICA DISCORD SERVER Decklist Registration Players may only play and submit a decklist of a deck they currently have built with official My Hero Academia CCG cards. Players are required to compile their decklist via​. Decklist submissions must be sent through our google doc form below. ​ Failure to submit this info before 9:00 AM EST on February 19th, 2022 will result in the player being dropped in round 1. DECKLIST SUBMISSION DUE FEBRUARY 19TH AT 9:00 AM EST **NOTE** You do not need to submit your decklist at the time you register. You simply need to make sure you have submitted your decklist before the deadline Saturday February 19th, 2022 - 9:00 AM EST. Format This is a 2-day event! Saturday February 19th will be the swiss round portion of the tournament. Sunday February 20th will be the top cut portion of the event. This Event will be hosted using the Swiss format, best of 3 games, 60-Minute rounds (This is changed for the online tournament experience). There number of rounds are determinded by the number of players. We're expecting 7-Rounds for the Provisional Showdown. This is an My Hero Academia format event. ***Please note this is an Online Webcam Tournament Event Cost The cost for this event is $20.00 USD ​No Refunds available ​ Participation Items 4x Booster Packs 2x Provisional Showdown Pack ​Please do not complete registration if you do not intend on completing the first 2-rounds. We will not distribute the reward to any player who drops before the start of round 3. ***PLEASE NOTE: ​Shipping is included in the cost of entry! The Prize support will be directly shipped by Jasco Games Tournament Prizing Champion 1x Victory Playmat 2x Booster Boxes 12x Provisional Showdown Packs 1x Provisional Showdown Promo Free Entry and a 2-Round BYE at a Regional Held in 2022 2nd Place 1x Booster Box 8x Provisional Showdown Packs 1x Provisional Showdown Promo 3rd - 4th Place 12x Booster Packs 4x Provisional Showdown Packs 1x Provisional Showdown Promo 5th - 8th Place 6x Booster Packs 2x Provisional Showdown Packs 1x Provisional Showdown Promo 9th - 16th Place 3x Booster Packs 1x Provisional Showdown Packs 1x Provisional Showdown Promo ​**Prizes subject to change Player Expectation All players must be active in the tournament through Round 2 in order to be eligible for participation prizing. All players are expected to know the contents of their Decks and reasonably know how they interact with each other and with other cards. As a result, all players are expected to play at a reasonable pace. All cards must be kept in camera view at all times. Failure to do so may result in a Game Loss. Hands should generally be kept in camera view whenever possible. If a hand(s) leaves the camera view, the hand should be shown to the camera, palm up, before touching any of the cards. This is to ensure that the hand is empty and no outside elements are being introduced to the match in progress. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure they are playing with a stable enough internet connection. To ensure every match is played as fair as possible, any disconnects that occur during the course of an ongoing game, will be subject to a Game Loss for that current game. Start of Game Procedures Player 1: This is the player to go first in the current game. Player 2: This is the player to go second in the current game. Neither player may attack on their first turn. mulligan rules Player 1 must mulligan their whole hand, but may mulligan up to 2 times, shuffling only after they have accepted their final starting hand. Player 2 may choose any number of cards to mulligan, but may only mulligan once. On their first turn only, Player 2 may draw 1 extra card during the draw step. This will exceed the starting hand size as written on their character’s card by 1 Drawing the 1 extra card during their first turn is Optional. End of Match Procedures End of Round Procedures Player 2 always gets the last turn. If time is called on Player 1’s turn, they get to finish their current turn and then Player 2 gets one more turn. If time is called on Player 2’s turn, they get to finish their current turn. If the current game in progress does not end with either player winning, then the game ends in a draw. The player with the most game wins within that match will win the match. If both players have the same number of game wins within that match then the match will end in a Draw. card legality ​ Card Legality Cards numbered 1-182 from the series 1 set including booster box and rival decks. Go Beyond! Cards numbered MHA01-Q1 through MHA01-Q5 from the series 1 Quirk Packs. Cards numbered MHA01-PU1 through MHA01-PU12 from the series 1 Plus Ultra! Packs. DLC cards are officially legal as well from P1-P12. Webcam Play - Special Rules Due to the complexity of playing the MHA CCG via webcam, certain decisions had to be made regarding certain cards/effects that may not be able to resolve properly when playing remotely. As a result, instead of banning a card(s) from being eligible for webcam events, we have decided to make some slight changes to such effect strictly for Webcam Events. Card Effect changes for webcam play: Kyoka Jiro Normal: Enhance [Once per turn]: Look at the top two cards of both players' decks. You may replace them in any order. Webcam: Enhance [Once per turn]: Reveal the top two cards of both players' decks. You may replace them in any order. Plug-In Normal: Enhance Flip: Look at the top card of either player's deck. You may discard it. Webcam: Enhance Flip: Reveal the top card of either player's deck. You may discard it. Event Timeline We will begin each round every hour, on the hour. Players who do not show up for a round will be dropped with no opportunity for re-entry. ​ Day 1- Swiss Rounds Round 1 - 11:00 AM EST Round 2 - 12:10 PM EST Round 3 - 1:20 PM EST Round 4 - 2:30 PM EST Round 5 - 3:40 PM EST Round 6 - 4:50 PM EST Round 7 - 6:00 PM EST Day 2 - Top Cut Single Elimination Round 1 - 11:00 AM EST Round 2 - 12:20 PM EST Round 3 - 1:40 PM EST Any results not reported within 70 minutes will result in Double Game Loss and players will be dropped from the event if their match was complete. Contact us Have any questions? Send us an email at and we'll assist you with your inquiries.

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