Stumptown Stomp

11.16.2019 - 10:00am


This is a 64 person five round Warhammer 40k ITC Major tournament. ITC Champion missions will be used. Painting, as a evaluated under a standard rubric (Warzone Atlanta), contributes to the best overall determination. Price includes lunch on Saturday. We also have a mass reservation at Bunk Bar on Saturday night, following the end of round 3, for a chance to socialize. 30 day refund window. ITC code of conduct strictly enforced.

Ticket Price:

$55.00 USD

Available Tickets: 15



345 SE Taylor St
Portland OR, 97214

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron albert Chump Change
Alax Henderson Team Battle Brothers
Andrew Bierek Rerolls Anonymous
Andrew Russo
Ben Schimmoller
Bobby Kingsada
Brad Jones
Bryan Baker Bryan Baker
Cameron Duhon
Christopher Wilson Vanguard Tactics
CJ Rajotte
Colin Sherman
Dakota Garber
Daniel DiCicco Daniel DiCicco
David Bierek Rerolls Anonymous
David Robson
David Russo
Devin Pine
Dominic Edson
Drew Robertson Heroic Knights
Dustin Boyd
James Donis Codex NonComplaint
James Stout
Jason Byrd NW Mercs
Jason Lawrence
Jeffrey Heimbuch NW Mercs
Jeremiah Bergdale
Jonathan Firman
Jonathan Harris
jordan schnur Optional
Josh Bagwell
Kamal El-Jadah
Karl Payne NW Mercs
Keoni Gutierrez
Leland Rill
Lukas Troller
Madison Miles
Mason Moore NW Mercs
Matt Oppegard
Max Calderon
Nicholas Sherred
Paul Winters NW Mercs
Peter Achey
Rob Hartford Codex Noncompliant
Russadell Buzard
Shaylynn Allen
Tyler Bortel Tyler Bortel
Wes Wright
William Gil