Circle City GT

5.4.2019 - 10:00am


Preregistration may be done for $25 to PayPal acct: Include name and faction. Thanks. 2 Day GT, hosted by the Circle City Game Club in Martinsville, IN. 5 rounds, 2k points.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 0


1424 Lincoln Hill Rd
Martinsville IN, 46151

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Aleong Team Happy
Anthony Newton WinLoseTamale
Austin Pillow
Bill Kim Gentlemen Gaming
Brandon Guardiola
Bryan Hancock Man Beard Gaming
Carl Happel Man Beard Gaming
Chris Navta
Chris Ward WinLoseTamale
Christopher Whaley Indy40k
Daniel Sansone Team Happy
David Williams Darklök the Despicable
Devin Beardsley
Dirk Shagwell Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Dylan Lake NPWG
Eric Miller Man Beard Gaming
Gary Frank Gentlemen Gaming
Israel Malave Gentlemen Gaming
Jeremy Applebaum Gentlemen Gaming
Jon Campbell Beer&Batreps
Josh Love
Joshua Gilbert
Justin Curtis Team Happy
Luke "2 Tall" Bumpus Dank List Wargaming
Mackenzie Corbeil Man Beard Gaming
Marcus Baxley Bad Descisions
Matt Amatucci RIW
Michael Sarapata Man Beard Gaming
Mike Soboleski Indy 40K
Morgan Bates Team Happy
Namon Allen Cobra FN Kai
Nick Mills Bad Descisions
Nick Steury Beer&Batreps
Noah Farrell Beer&Batreps
Patrick Davis
Randel Frank Gentlemen Gaming
Rob Reilly
Ryan Beaver Man Beard Gaming
Ryan Christensen OFP
Scott Corbeil Man Beard Gaming
Simon Leen Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Steven Schuyler Gentlemen Gaming
Tobi Elmore Indy 40K
Todd Dunn Indy 40K
Tom Powers Indy40k
Tony Grippando Team Happy
Tyler Sansone Team Happy
Tyler White Gentlemen Gaming
Vincent Castellano Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Will Reeves Man Beard Gaming
Woodrow Major Green & Gold Gaming Guild
Zach Bowles Man Beard Gaming