Titan Games And Hobbies November RTT

11.10.2018 - 10:00am


Registration: 10:00am Dice: 11:00am Entry: $15.00 ITC Format, 2000 points Prize Structure: -100% of entry paid out in store credit -Guaranteed prizes to top 3 places, extended based on attendance -Best Painted Army receives your entry fee back, in addition to any other prize you may have earned! - All participants of the RTT will receive 10% off of all 40k product! -GENERAL FORMAT RULES- ITC Format tournament rules can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bUs0HrJ3f6YzR6mWlT1LRLq0i9_0ekf7ah9WhCTxsIo/edit Or on the Frontline Gaming ITC homepage! https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/ We will be playing from the ITC Champions missions; 2 with Hammer and Anvil Deployment, 4 with Front-line Assault and 6 with Spearhead Assault Deployment The ITC Champions Mission Pack can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ltQMdeDqYRXOhvdYT3dtUSji3AISvZRM8gDlhOXDaF8/edit -CHESS CLOCK RULES- -We will be using chess clocks for round timers -Each player will be given 75 minutes per round for their match -Players will receive 10 minutes before each round to set up objectives, select secondary objectives, set up deployment zones, and exchange lists with their opponent. -Once the 10 minute pre-match phase is over players will begin to deploy. DEPLOYMENT WILL BE ON THE CLOCK - All actions that a player takes will be on their time (i.e. Movement, shooting, saves, morale, etc.) - If one players time runs out before the other that player may no longer take voluntary, but may still take mandatory actions (i.e. Armor saves, morale, etc.) - Actions taken when a player is out of time must still be taken in a reasonable amount of time (slow play penalties will be enforced for numerous violations) - Scoring at the end of turn will not be timed, Players will pause the clock to score each turn then resume once completed - Judge call will not be timed, if you and your opponent have a question or rules discrepancy pause the clock and call for the T.O. -LOCAL POLICIES- Counts-as policy is as follows: Reasonable conversions are acceptable replacements for existing models, but any counts-as models must use the correct base dimensions and be similar size to an existing model for that unit. If you have questions or are skeptical of anything, please do not hesitate to contact your TO: Ryan Parks, or the Titan store page, both here on Facebook, we love getting feedback of any kind!


1924 Greenspring Dr
Lutherville-Timonium MD, 21093

Registered Players

Name Team
Benjamin Keppel
Brian Gordon White Scars
Daniel Kelble
Darrick Simon Peace through Dakka
Eric Shifflett
Ivan Cho Peace through Dakka
Jeffery Opperhauser
John Baecker MD
John Lippens Diners Drive Ins And Dice
Jonas Beardsley Basement Dwellers
Joseph Warner Peace through Dakka
Khai Davis Brohammer
Nicholas Hulslander Diners Drive Ins And Dice
Rob Triplett Diners Drive Ins And Dice
Robert Braun Peace through Dakka
Shane Watts Peace through Dakka
Stephen Sarracino LWG
Steven Briggs
Steven Christopher Basement Dwellers
Tucker Nelson