Iron Halo - 40K Event

9.30.2017 - 9:30am


The 2017 Iron Halo is a Major Warhammer 40K ITC tournament in Bartlesville, OK. It takes place at On The Rock Ministries on September 30th through October 1st 2017. We will also plan on running other smaller events on Friday night such as Knight Joust and Kill Team. Come join us for 2 days of awesome gaming and all for a good cause. Prices will increase to $65.00 September 3rd.

Ticket Price:

$65.00 USD

Available Tickets: 3



122 S Park Ave
Bartlesville OK, 74003

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Haecker New World Marauders
Aidan Barkley Forge World Columbia
Andrew Taylor Desperate Allies
Andy Kull New World Marauders
Anthony Baumayr
Antonio Cedeno Red Star Gaming
BamBam Hunter Flying Monkeys
Baxter Seguin Mugu Legion
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Brandon Hoch TOMAHAWC
Brian Schwinger Adeptus Shenanigus
Bruce McDanel 580 Madmen
bruce merker WAAC Society
Bryan Swanson TOMAHAWC
caleb adam Volume Of Fire
Cameron Karge Team No Team
Camron Whitmire ML0
Carl Johnson The Filthy Casuals
Chris Carlile Adeptus Shenanigus
Chris Chapman Flying Monkeys
Chris Korenkiewicz Warhogs
Clifton “Murica” Russell WAAC Society
Cody Middleton New World Marauders
Cody Rodman New World Maurauders
Daniel Rice Desperate Allies
Dave Danuser Lords of War
David Arimond Lords of War
David Villareal Red Star Gaming
Dennis Wise Preferred Enemies
Duncan Ensminger Flying Monkeys
Dustin Browne
Frank Howerton ML0
Gage Hunt Flying Monkeys
Greg Harris WAAC Society
Gregory Verzosa 'No Team'
Ian Gabor
Jason Burau Clorbering time
Joe Beddoe Adeptus Shenanigus
Joe Guzowski Clobbering Time
John Cook Adeptus Shenanigus
John Shamp Lords of War
John Teets The Filthy Casuals
Jonathan Wiles VoF
Jonathon Bunn
Jony Velazquez WAAC Society
Josh Stuart Desperate Allies
JT Kemper
Justin Vonsik The Filthy Casuals
Karl stark The Filthy Casuals
Ken Eubanks New World Marauders
Kenneth Karns New World Marauders
Kyle Doeschot Warhogs
Kyle Evans Mastery Level 0
Lee Hartsoe New World Mauraders
Logan Shelton New World Marauders
Marc Hoover Gopher Mafia Games
Marshall Poland 580 Madmen
Matt Baxter VoF
Matt Neeley Flying Monkeys
Matt Root Frozen North Gaming
Matt Shantz Warhogs
Matthew DeMartino Deffrollaz
Michael Dehoyos NGO
Midwest Conquest Preferred Enemies
Mike Inman 580 Madmen
Mike Keys New World Marauders
Mike O'Brien Warzone Oklahoma
Nathan Bates VoF
Nick Huisman
Nikhil Sinha Relentless D
Pablo Martinez Relentless D
Patrick Chambers New World Marauders
Quinn Shepas New World Marauders
Ray King Desperate Allies
Richard martin Flying Monkeys
Robert Bomer Mastery Level 0
Robert Henderson New World Marauders
Ryan Olson Warhogs
Sam Bennett Clobbering Time
Sam Henley Forge World Columbia
Sam Shores Desperate Allies
Samuel Boman Warhogs
Sean Brown Mastery Level 0
Stephen McElroy New World Marauders
steven heitmeyer VoF
Steven Herbig Flying Monkeys
thomas eddy 580 Madmen
Thomas Reidy Adeptus Shenanigus
Toby Reece Flying Monkeys
Tony Thebeau Clobbering Time
Trent Northington Warhogs
Troy Graber Flying Monkeys
Tyler DeVries Beast Coast
Tyler Drew Mastery Level 0
Walter Reasoner Flying Monkeys
Will Tankersley Warzone Oklahoma