6.23.2018 - 8:00am


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Ticket Price:

$40.00 USD

Available Tickets: 17



1300 3rd St N
Waite Park MN, 56387

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Knauf No Bueno
Alan Wigness Lords of War
Alex Hunt Lords of War
Andrew Stiernagle
Andrew Tiegs Lords of War
Axel Johnson Lords of War
Brandon Zwirn Lords of War
Bryan Rindo Frozen North Gaming
Cheryl Matthynssens Lords of War
Chris Edstrom Lake Swatt
Cody Donald Lake Swatt
Connor Murphy Lords of War
Cory Williams St.Cloud Wargaming
Dave Danuser Lords of War
David Brand The Brand's big daemon hunt!
David Grover
Dylan Pfannenstein St Cloud Wargaming
Eric Michels
Erich Stock st. cloud wargaming
Halsey Morris
Ian Rutter St Cloud Wargaming
Jacob Koepsell Warhammered
Jake Lindfors Lords of War
James Kelling Warhammered
Jeremiah Petit Lords of War
Joe Kulas Warhogs
John Miller
John Ondich-Batson Lake Swatt
Jonathan Stewart Lords of War
Kyle McKean
Logan Payne
Marvin Sims Lords of War
Mike Griep
Nate Williams Lords of War
Nic Janowski
Nicholas Petersen Mystic Sword Allaince
Patrick Brynildson Lords of War
Paul Huck Frozen North Gaming
Richard Pennertz Frozen North Gaming
Ringer McRingersom
Shane Kellner St.Cloud Wargaming
Tim Thorson Lords of War
Trenton Nellis
Tyler Devries Beast Coast
Walter Duncan Lords of War
Zachary Myer No Bueno