Battle In The Bush

10.6.2018 - 8:00am


Tickets: Players Pack:!AogEboSQ7Oj2gU1Ng_YMg7umlBJx BATTLE IN THE BUSH IS BACK AND MORE RAD THAN EVER! Bigger venue, top tier terrain, insane prizes, food and booze available, hot and moist 40k action! -ITC champions missions -All Beta Rules. -2000 Pts. -60 Players (with capability of expanding if there are numbers).

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 2



77 Kite St
Orange NSW, 2800

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Rosa Danger Beetles
Adam Watts Overwatch Wargaming
Alex Rymill
Alex White Overwatch Wargaming
Alexander Ewins
Andrew Garrard WarZone: Central Coast
Anthony Dean
Austin Brook
bailey youngman FNG 1337
Ben Rigby Danger Beetles
Ben Yeomans FNG 1337
Brendan Liam Healy Friday Night Gaming
Brendon Young Overwatch Wargaming
Brian Johnstone Friday Night Gaming
Carlos Garcia Overwatch Wargaming
Chad Mackenzie
Chris Moore Team Point On
Christopher Wright Overwatch Wargaming
Doug Crawford Legion
Grant Randall Brawl
Hayden Ford
Heath Burkill Overwatch Wargaming
Henry Tu Legion
Jack Lavercombe Aussie Battlers
Jacob McCorry
Jake Smith Zero Stars
Jay Lajtar
Joel Rutter Warzone Central Coast
Jonathan Gordon FNG 1337
Jordan Stevens
Josh Kelly SWCG
Josh McMillan Legion
Joshua Brodie Legion
Joshua Devitt Friday Night Gaming
Kieren Howard Legion
kyle hodson Armidale pair-of-dice wargaming club
Leigh Abbey Death Touch Dojo
Liam Robinson FNG 1337
Luke Graham Legion
Matt Brown
Matt Morosoli Hammer House
Matthew McQuillan Death Touch Dojo
Michael Curtis
Michael Duke Legion
Michael House Zero Stars
Michael Moore Team Point On
Nic Drage Friday Night Gaming
Peter Johnson Friday Night Gaming
Reece Senior Brawl
Richard Hill Legion
Shane Donnelly Friday Night Gaming
Shannon Patterson Team Point On
Simon Willcocks Friday Night Gaming
Stephen Ogilvie Team Point On
Tim Bieler
Tom Bailey Overwatch Wargaming
Troy Stevens
Zac Battersby