Kastle Konflagration X

Available Spots : 36

Ticket Price : $13.00 Purchase

Date: 8.19.2017

Game Kastle Santa Clara
1350 Coleman Ave
Santa Clara CA, 95050

T.O. Contact :  


Kastle Konflagration X Come join us for an Age of Sigmar Tournament! This is a one day GT!! Test your skill as a General in a fast paced grand Tournament. Five games in one Day!! Do you have what it takes to survive a marathon of Age of Sigmar gaming!!! We will be using the Generals Handbook Pitched Battle rules, and FAQ. Vanguard Army Construction (1000pts) 5x 80!minute rounds. 4'x4' tables. Start Time 11:00AM Please submit your army list with point values listed via the Best Coast Pairings players app. Entry Fee: $13 Game Kastle Santa Clara (408) 243-4263 This event will use the Best Coast Pairings App, and have its results submitted to the ITC.

Registered Players

Name Team
Donna Feuerhelm Left Coast Corsairs
John Feuerhelm Left Coast Corsairs
Logan Mulroney Left Coast Corsairs
Michael Burch Your Mom's Garage