End Zone March 40k Tournament

3.23.2019 - 11:00am


$10 Buy-in with all money going to prizes. 3 Rounds, 2000 point limit, no more than 3 Detachments.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 8



133 State St
Clearfield UT, 84015

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Fyffe Cry, Havoc
Brady Roberts
Colton Hatch Lord General Militant
Ian Stolk Golden Throne Thunder Dome
Jeffery Randall Golden Throne Thunder Dome
John Stuart Gamer's Enclave
Kevin Dursteler Rabies
Lou Rollins Double Dutch Rudder
Nicolas Wenker Hexfleet Virules
Scott Bouche
Thomas Hegstrom Oakey Double Dutch Rudder
William Stewart