Konflict at Firebase Charlie #1

5.27.2017 - 12:00pm


Konflict at Firebase Charlie #1 Join us for a Warhammer 40k Tournament!! A Competitive ITC event brought to you by the Left Coast Corsairs!!! 1850 Points with 2 hour rounds!! Short rounds and fast gameplay!! Please make sure you make a list that you can play fast. ITC Unit restrictions in effect. GW and ITC FAQ in effect. List Construction is per the ITC standard, except that we will allow unlimited detachments. Limited to 8 participants. Get your tickets quick! There will be a waiting list. Online ticket sales only. No in-store registration This event will use the Best Coast Pairing and have scores submitted to the ITC. TO Contact: zezmo@hotmail.com (John F)

Ticket Price:

$18.00 USD

Available Tickets: 0


1350 Coleman Ave
Santa Clara CA, 95050

Registered Players

Name Team
Anthony D'Amore Left Coast Corsairs
Bill Durrett Team Low Tier
chris foster Bay Area Dog of War
Christian Hansen
Christopher Nunes Bay Area Dog of War
Dillan Masellas Spooky
John Feuerhelm Left Coast Corsairs
Paul McKelvey Left Coast Corsairs
Phil Tracy Bay Area Dogs of War