Iron Halo GT

10.1.2016 - 10:00am


Its official! We are now selling tickets to the 2016 Iron Halo GT. The first Major Tournament for ITC rankings in Oklahoma. Tickets are $47.50 each and we are limiting the tournament to the first 80 signups. The price will increase to $57.50 on September 1 and the last refund date is also September 1st. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Ticket Price:

$57.50 USD

Available Tickets: 6



122 S Park Ave
Bartlesville OK, 74003

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Bade Flying Monkeys
Andrew Taylor Desperate Allies
Baxter Seguin Mugu Legion
Ben Cromwell Team Zero Comp
Ben Drennan Desperate Allies
Brandon Sullivan Adeptus Shenanigus
Brenden Smith The Filthy Casuals
Brian Campbell Desperate Allies
Brian Schwinger Adeptus Shenanigus
Bruce McDanel Carolina Comics WAAAGH!
Bruce Merker Texas WAAC Society
Buck Temple B Company
caleb adam B Company
Cameron Karge Denver Mountain Trolls
Camron Whitmire Mastery Level 0
Chase Garber Warhogs
Chris Carlile Adeptus Shenanigus
Chris Dorenkamp The Filthy Casuals
Chris kirby Taylor The Filthy Casuals
Chris Olson Hugs of Death
Cody Boe Warhogs
Cody Middleton New World Marauders
cyle thompson Warhogs
Dakota Koenke Flying Monkeys
Dakota Moore Warriors Lodge
Daniel Rice Desperate Allies
Darren Kent Hugs of Death
David Arimond Frozen North Gaming
David Kohman Denver Mountain Trolls
Devin Meadows Flying Monkeys
Duncan Ensminger Flying Monkeys
Dustin Browne
Frank Howerton ML0
Gage Hunt Flying Monkeys
Greg Harris
Gregory Verzosa Denver Mountain Trolls
Heath Shepherd Desperate Allies
Ian Gabor Flying Monkeys
Jared Therrien Binary rot
Joe Beddoe Adeptus Shenanigus
John Jourden Denver Mountain Trolls
John Teets The Filthy Casuals
Jon Leonard Jr Flying Monkeys
Jonathan Bradley Binary rot
Jonathan Wiles B Company
Ken Eubanks New World Marauders
Kevin Shook Preferred Enemies
Kris Mills Adeptus Shenanigus
Kyle Doeschot Mugu Legion
Kyle Evans Colorado Kill Team
Lee Hartsoe New World Marauders
Logan Shelton New World Marauders
Marc Hoover Hugs of Death
Mark Hughey Desperate Allies
Martin Emery Warriors Lodge
Matt Root Frozen North Gaming
Michael Emison Desperate Allies
Michael Harris Frozen North Gaming
Michael Keys New World Marauders
Midwest Conquest Preferred Enemies
Mike McKinney
Mike O'Brien Warriors Lodge
Nathan Bates B Company
Nick Huisman
Quinn Shepas New World Marauders
Raymond Fain The Filthy Casuals
Richard martin Flying Monkeys
Ringer Dinger Adeptus Shenanigus
Robert Bomer B Company
Robert Hamilton Binary rot
Samuel Boman Mugu Legion
Sean Brown ML0
Thomas Reidy Adeptus Shenanigus
Trenton Northington Warhogs
Troy Graber Flying Monkeys
Troy Morse-Carmody Flying Monkeys
Tyler Drew ML0
Wesley Anderson The Filthy Casuals
Will Hodges Denver Mountain Trolls
Will Tankersley Warriors Lodge