Battle For Vendetta! Team Up!

6.30.2018 - 9:00am


The battle for Vendetta rages on! This time the battle will be fought with teams! This is a prep event for ATC and this will be using ITC missions and FAQ and to get the full experience it will be fought with teams of 5. Don’t have a team? No problem! You’ll be placed with anyone else who doesn’t have a team. Info: -2000 points, 3 detachments, one Supreme command and one Super Heavy detachment per team and one Super Heavy Auxiliary per player. -3 hour rounds, hour lunch break after the first round -$10 per person if you pre-register on BCP any day before the tournament, $15 the day of, $5 if you bring a 5 man team!

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 17



11 S Grove St
Dahlonega GA, 30533

Registered Players

Name Team
Alexander Ehrich Team Ramrod
Austin Henson Vendetta Boyz
Charles Feltman Vendetta Boyz
David Smith Discover Games
Fritz Smith Discover Games
Jeremiah Peavy Discover Games
Joseph Best Discover Games
Lee Baldwin Vendetta Boyz
Matthew Lundberg Vendetta Boyz
Paul Aldredge Team Kapow
Rob Hall Discover Games
Spawnicus Anderson Team Ramrod
William Schmidt Vendetta Boyz