Beef & Wing Brawl

6.8.2019 - 9:00am


The Brawl Is Back! This year with a new venue nestled in the heart of downtown Buffalo, The Brawl will be bigger, better, and more prize-packed than ever before! Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for player packets and guidelines soon! 5 round 2k ITC Warhammer 40k tournament Army List Submissions are due by Saturday, June 1st on BCP. If you are having difficulty uploading your list, please contact us at Full refunds are available prior to May 9th. Full refunds are always available due to military service.

Ticket Price:

$65.00 USD

Available Tickets: 0


120 Church St
Buffalo NY, 14202

Registered Players

Name Team
Amir Golpoor Beast Coast
Austinaustin Kostesku Cash Money Hammer
Brandon Smith Basement collective
Caleb Edwards Cash Money Hammer
Charles Lamb Team Redundancy Team
Chester Case Buffalo Battle-forged
Chet Manly Hammer House
Chris Courtney DABouz OG
Chris Yeneic
Christopher Dawson Car Ramrod
Cory Davis DaBoyz
Dan Meyer Dirty J And The D's
Daniel Price 13th Legion
Daniel Scartapenna Northern War Table
Danny Stewart level 1 slime
Dave Freeman DaBoyz
David Caryl Thirteenth Legion
David Greenblatt Crime
David Lover The Thirteenth Legion Second Compny
Derek Reihe I dont know how to play this game
Dom Kidwell Knights of the Basement.
Edward Riche Hammer House
Eric O’Connor Dirty J And The D's
Eric Verillo 13th Legion Syracuse
Exzar Exodar
francesco scartapenna Northern War Table
Garner Sammons Beef and Wing
Gavin Kujawa
Geoffrey Beaman Beast Coast
Gil Fuhr Gentlemen Gaming
Goran Calic CantHammer
Ian Stewart Cash Money Hammer
Irvin Armitage Basement collective
Isaac Bates CantHammer
isaac scharp Team Harlequin
Jack Harpster Beast Coast
Jack Vollmer House Rai'zel
Jackson Horigan Steel City Legion
James Conti
Jason Hager 13th Legion Syracuse
Jeffrey Hanson 13th Legoon
Jeffrey Pandeirada CanHammer
Jeremy Ozolins Dirty J and the Ds
Jim Vesal CanHammer
Joe Guzowski 40kc
Joe Nelson
John Canton Hammer House
John Yungbluth
Jonathan Michener CantHammer
Jose Ramos Buffalo Battle-forged
Joseph Miedema Extreme Tabletop Gaming
Joshua Barron
Justin Berg Knights Blade
justin besch
Keith Stevener 13th Legion
Ken Mitchell 13th Legion Buffalo
Kevin Armitage Basement collective
Kevin Foser DaBoyz
Kristoher Wright House Rai'zel
Legion Brian Horton The Thirteenth Legion Second Company
Lewis Stolburg Steel City Legion
Marco Trevisiol
Mathieu Comtois
Matt Aaron Two Kings
Matthew Bailey The Thirteenth Legion Second Company
Matthew Call
Matthew Duff
Matthew Grober
Matthew Maefs House Rai'zel
Matthew O'Hara DaBoyz
Matthew Thomas Buffalo Battle-forged
Matthew Webster House Rai'zel
michael marcklinger Two Kings
Nathan Guzowski
Nicholas Teixeira Fallout
Nick Nanavati Beast Coast
Owen Clayton Hammer House
preston scully-wolfe litering and
Ren Moyer 13th Legion
Ringer Chicken Dinner
Ron Lobdell Da Boyz
Ryan Rodriguez The RED eyes
Sam Bouabane Crime
Samuel Duguid Steel Legion
Seth Freudenburg
Shaun Kemp Da Boyz
Steven Horowitz WGU
Steven Schlegel 13th Legion
Steven Woinoski Crime
Thomas Bojanowski
Thomas Guzowski
Tim Deetlefs CanHammer
Tim Owen
Tj Lanigan Beast Coast
Tom Tychansky CantHammer
Torey Peet Cash Money Hammer
William Backhurst Eternal Warriors
William Kim Gentlemen Gaming