War In The Warp I

1.26.2019 - 9:00am


Join greetings from the warp for this warhammer 40k ITC event Rules pack will be standard ITC championship missions Rules pack up in files section of the Facebook group Play 5 1750 point games on high quality tables Limited to 36 players


Huxlow School
Irthlingborough England, NN9

Registered Players

Name Team
Alec George
Andy Hales
Ben Jones
Chris Houghton
Chris Lord
Dan Wright
Daniel Johns
David Macdonald
Elliot Hamer
Ian McDonnell
Jack Spencer
John Hickton
John Spence
Ken Chambers
Kyle Brown
Kyle Hubbard
Mark Denson
Mark Read
Martin Baker
Matthew Doughty
Maxwell Koch
Michael (Minyiky) McDonnell
Mike Howe
Nicholas Teague
Nick Atkins
Nick Goddard
Richard Edkins
Scott monaghan
Simon Impey
Simon Priddis
Stephen Box
Steve Tiencken shadow games
Toby Liddiard
Tom Meaker
Tristan Whitehead