Wizards GT: 2021

1.30.2021 - 8:30am


2 Day. 5 Rounds. Wizards ICT in Wichita, Kansas. 2000 Points Battle Forged. A Lord Marshal event. $50 to Wizardsasylumict@yahoo.com PayPal to complete registration. registering without payment will result with you being removed from the roster in 24 hours. No refunds.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 2



1309 W 31st St S
Wichita KS, 67217

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Cook Outlanders
Aaron Ridgley Knights of the Bottom Table
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Cam Hawkins Flying Monkeys
Charles "No Chill" Fox Flying Monkeys
Cody Cluck Knights of the Bottom Table
Connor MacCormick 40kc
Dan Cornwell Outlanders
Dan Sammons Outlanders
Dave Danuser
David Arimond Lords of War
Derek Richardson Flying Monkeys
Lakin Stude
Logan Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Marc Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Mark Weiss Warhogs
Matthew Paul Flying Monkeys
Michael DeLange Flying Monkeys
Michael Keys Knights of the Bottom Table
Nathan Bates TeamRobot
Nicolas Weiss Warhogs
Phuong Nhan 40kc
Scott Sasser Forge World Columbia
Scott Thompson Outlanders
Sean Dilley 40kc
Trenton Sample Flying Monkeys
Tyler Devries Frozen North Gaming
Zane Greene Flying Monkeys