Armageddon Series: Coastal Assault 40K ITC Tournament

11.16.2019 - 9:00am


This will be a 5 round ITC tournament using ITC missions. $95 Entry Fee, including lunch both days. Payable to: The player cap is 120 players. ITC Hobby Track will be available. ITC Player Code of Conduct will be enforced.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 76



1297 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE
Okaloosa Island FL, 32548

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Brodie
Bryan Dorsey Weapons of Mass Intoxication
Caleb Garascia
Charles Baughn
Charles Koier
Chris Frost Brohammer
Chris “Pooka” Taylor Praetorians
Cody Saults Brohammer
Dan Monsalve Brohammer
Daniel Smith Brohammer
Douglas Kus Merc 40k
Eric Saggars
Gabriel Rocheleau Brohammer
Jamie Woodard
Jason Hooper tbs comics
Jason Watts Brohammer
Jesse Thompson Coastal WarGaming
Jimmy Prescott Brohammer
John Lennon Brohammer
John Moore Brohammer
Joshua Johnson
kyle head OMEGA
Lee Harris Brohammer
Mark Perry Brohammer
matt harrington
matthew chiusano
Michael Landstra OMEGA
Michael Miller
Michael Nick Wrong Way Kids
Michael Santangelo
Mike Ooton
Nicholas St. Amour Praetorians
Nick "Doots" Toomey
Nick Carpenter
Paul Murphy Wrong Way Kids
Regino Sanchez Brohammer
Richard martin Brohammer
Rob Martin
Robert Harp Brohammer
Ryan Dillon tbs comics
Scott Combs Praetorians
Warren Watts OMEGA
William Pearce Brohammer