Iron Wyvern CPPG 40k RTT

7.31.2021 - 9:00am


Entree 20 dollars. 2k points. ITC event. 3 Rounds 3 hour rounds with hard stop. List due date is July 30th at midnight. July 25th is also the cut off point for any new material ie codexes, FAQ ect. Any players with lists submitted after that will get a yellow card. Lists submission attempts later than July 31st will result in a red card and disqualified. ITC player code of conduct will be enforced. Prize support is based on attendance and will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best sport. Paint will not be required but GW paint score will be used. Missions will be preselected for each round and revealed along side lists on July 30th at 1159pm No refunds, tickets are transferrable. Email for details Schedule: Registration at 8:30 Round 1: 9am - 12pm Lunch:  12pm -1pm Round 2: 1pm - 4pm Round 3: 4m - 7pm Floor Rules: 3 hour rounds with hard stop Chess clocks available upon request. Once a player makes a request both players must use it. We will follow ITC chess clock etiquette. Appeal process for rulings. If you have a ruling question, raise your hand and call a judge. The Judge will mark off your time in round and answer your question. If you are not satisfied with the judge's response, ask for an appeal. Another judge will come over. You can then appeal a 3rd time for the Head judge. Any time on the clock that was lost will be extended so long as this process is not abused. Note that the game state must be reparable to have a ruling call made.  Accepted Game State: Do not wait to call a judge over. If the game is unrepairable, the current board will become an accepted game state and a card may  be issued depending on the offence.  Terrain Rules: 12 pieces, 6 fixed major pieces including Ls in the middle and 4 ruins in each quadrant, and 6 place-able minor pieces. The 6 minor pieces include a combination  of ruined walls, forests, and craters. All terrain pieces have all of the keywords associated with them in the GT hand book. Player placed terrain is deployed during set up Ls are breachable and obscuring. Ruins: Obscuring is measured from the walls. Light cover is measured from the bases. All ruins are considered to be 5 inches tall minimum for the purpose of giving obscuring. Note: all key words suggested in the GT hand book will be used for forest, ruin wall, crater, and ruin. This includes dense terrain for ruined walls (-1 to hit) and difficult terrain for craters and forests (-2 to move) Each piece of terrain should be placed over 3" from any other piece of terrain. Objectives may be placed 3 inches near terrain. Players may adjust fixed major pieces as necessary to fit objective markers and face deployment so long as both players can agree and the table observes the general shape of 2 Ls in the center and each of the 4 ruins exist with in one of the four corners of the table and preside on the edge of an objective with the outer wall facing your apponent. Further more If players cannot agree then they will roll off. If players still cannot agree they will call a judge to adjust for them. If the fixed pieces have been moved beyond the general shape mentioned above a jude may proactively adjust it for you. After terrain is placed, a fortification may be used to substitute for any minor piece terrain in that respective player's deployment.

Ticket Price:

$20.00 USD

Available Tickets: 13



304 Wharf Street
Loudon Tennessee, 37774

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Fagg ETA
Andrew Lathe
Brad Hill South Knox Warhammer
Chad Taylor Dicehead
Charles Slawson
Christopher Gropp
Eric Kasper Grand Adventures
Gary Ricker South Knox Warhammer
Jeshua Barker
jesse carmack TTP
Jon Heath The Dark Tower
Joseph Gillespie TTP
Matt Mullins TTP
Nathaniel Williams The Dark Tower
Richard Bay TTP
Ryan Andersen
Sean Rice
Steven Crawley TTP
Thomas Leggett