Midwest Conquest 2020 Kill Team

5.22.2020 - 17:30pm


Kill Team returns to the Midwest Conquest for your skirmish-level 40K enjoyment! When * Friday, May 22ndth. * Start: 5:30pm * Three 1 Hour Rounds * Finish: ~9:30pm Rules * Before the event, each player must create a command roster consisting of between 3 and 20 models, all of which must share a Faction keyword and at least one of which must be a Leader. * All rules from Kill Team and the appropriate official FAQs will be used. * Any non-Commanders from Kill Team, Kill Team: Rogue Trader, Kill Team: Elites, and any White Dwarf data sheets are allowed. * Players must share a copy of their command roster with their opponent before mustering for each mission (see packet). * All models should be modeled WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get). * All models should be 3-color painted and based. * Killzone/environmental rules will not be in use.

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$10.00 USD

Available Tickets: 16



2345 McGee St
KCMO MO, 64108

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