40K Portal Narrative Event

12.16.2017 - 12:00pm


It’s that time of the galactic year again! Boss Clawz has been busy thumpin and smashin things together for all the little ‘Umiez across the galaxy. But Boss Clawz needs your help! The rival SouthPoll clan and Boss Krumpus is once again challenging Boss Clawz over his Galactic North domain!! Come join us at the Portal for some fun holiday themed 40k games! A holiday continuation of the monthly Warhammer 40k tournaments. The tournament will consist of 3 rounds of Swiss cut games! The top 3 players determined by points will receive prizes. We hope to see all of our regulars and some new faces!! We have 30 spots available. So sign up while we still have room! Specifics: • Event begins at 11 a.m. 2 hour rounds. • Entry Fee ***$15.00*** • 50 PL armies, up to 3 detachments (battle-forged) • Any Forgeworld models (up to power level 32). • 100% Store Credit pool split to top 3 • Golfhammer award: Free entry to next event • Tournament entrants will be granted a 15% discount in store for the day on any war gaming items

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Available Tickets: 28



321 Woodlawn Ave
Bethlehem PA, 18018

Registered Players

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Ben Ketel
Lincoln Kerstetter