The Basement Open


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Hey guys Northern Ontario’s largest 40k event is back! This time rebranded at The Basement Open (formerly the TBMC ITC GT). As of right now we have 64 spots available if those fill up fast we can look into a larger venue and event. The first 32 people to sign up and pay will receive extra swag in their swag bag. Player pack to follow shortly. Briefly it is a 2000 point ITC Major with 6 round (4 Saturday, 2 Sunday) following all current ITC and GW guide lines. 100% Painting requirement will be enforced this year. For the price lunch is provided for both days and each participant will get a swag bag packed full of awesome stuff (last years had almost the ticket price of stuff by itself).

Ticket Price:

$70.00 CAD / $60.00 USD

Available Tickets: 14



Sudbury ON, undefined

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Green The Lively Boys
Andrew Tripple Atomic Death Squad
Antoine Larouche The gribblies
Austin McMurdy Reckless Assault Gaming
B.J. Lamure Atomic Death Squad
Ben Brenner Team Moot Green
Bill Keefe Beef and Wing
Brandon Smith The Basement Collective
Brendan Case Games Nook II
Britton McCarthy Cool club... Team. IDK.
Christopher Barnett Games Nook II
Clark LaMoose Reckless Assault Gaming (RAGE)
Corey Sanfelice NoTW
dan Morris Sequence
Dan Platt Loaded Dice
Davis Centis The Lively Boys
Devin Swann CanHammer
Edward Busch The Lively Boys
Evan Morris Sequence
Exzar Exodar Etarnal warriors
Freddie Lovebeard Every Point Counts
Irvin Armitage The Basement Collective
Jake Brunette Games Nook II
Jeffrey Pandeirada 40k unfiltered
Jessica Pilon
Jim Vesal
Jon Anderson Beef and Wing
Jordann Lasnier One Punch
Joshua Pound Conquest
Kenny May NoTW
Kyle Moser Moot Green
Mael Belcourt One Punch
Mark Ammirante Pocket Pancreases
Martin Lefrancois
Matt Manuel Army of Me
Matthew Schultze
Mike Cosby Games Nook II
Neil Walker Beef and Wing
Nikolas Smithers Sequence
Orville Andrews
Peter Piccioni Anvil of War
Rahul Pereira Conquest
Robert Leclair Eternal Warriors
Ryan Rumohr Sequence
Sean Mulder
Sebastien Richer One Punch
Sergii Pryshchepa In Nomine Legio
Steve Marleau Reckless Assault Gaming
steven horowitz WGU
Vincent Koopmans In Nomine Legio
Will Paul
William Backhurst Eternal warriors