Salt Lake GamingCon 40k Tournament


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2019 Salt Lake Gaming Con 40k Tournament. This Tournament will be ITC format. 2000 Points, no more than 3 detachments. 3 hour rounds. A ticket must be purchased for GamingCon to attend: You are welcome to purchase a ticket for the entire three days and enjoy the event, but the 40k tournament will only be Saturday. All participants must register through BCP before 26 June.

Ticket Price:

$15.00 USD

Available Tickets: 16



90 S W Temple
Salt Lake City UT, 84101

Registered Players

Name Team
Brady Roberts
Brian Estrada
Christopher Fajardo 93rd Legion
Christopher Morgan Wrong Way Kids
Christopher Talley Space Hamsters
Chuck Burns
Garrett Garrison Unmodified 6
Gary Jense
Ian Stolk Golden Throne Thunder Dome
James Davis
Jeffery Randall Golden Throne Thunder Dome
John Rowley 93rd Legion
Kayleb Kirby 93rd Legion
Lane Camp 93rd Legion
Lou Rollins Double Dutch Rudder
Micah Merkley Cry, Havoc!
Mike Warren
Natalie Bock
Nathaniel Concepcion Golden Throne Thunder Dome
Richard Mahoney Space Hamsters
Scott Bouche
Shaun Jackson
Zach Stewart
Zachary Wilson Space Hamsters