Platinum Star Games - Monthly 40k ITC Tournament

4.27.2019 - 11:00am


Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Tournament. ITC rules and missions in effect. 2,000 points, maximum 3 detachments, 3 rounds. $20 entry fee will be paid during check-in at the event. You can reserve your spot by registering on the BCP app or by contacting the organizers. Armies need not be fully painted, but must be fully assembled with a good faith attempt at being WYSIWYG. Players must bring a printed hard copy of their list (no hand-written lists please). Doors open at 11:00am. Round 1 begins at 11:30am. Rounds are 2.5 hours long. Lunch break after round 1.

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2396 U.S. 9
Howell Township NJ, 07731

Registered Players

Name Team
Amir Golpoor Beast Coast
Andres Morejon
Charvel Tosov
Christopher Sipple Giggle Room Vets
Dan Maher
George E Hanson George E Hanson Beast Coast
James Whitlock
James Young
John Cesario
Joseph Langan Giggle Room Vets
Joseph Laplaca
Mike Montalto
Wade Hillman
Wes Lanz Badlanz