Empire City Brawl II

4.6.2019 - 10:00am


Entry fee $20 (half of which contributes to the prize pool, in addition to loot supplied by the TO) 3 games, 2000 points Matched Play, using General's handbook 2018 Pitched Battle Profiles, all Firestorm allegiance abilities and Forge world warscrolls are allowed. All three games will take place in SHYISH, and the realmscape rules for that realm will be in use. In regards to realm spells, players may select *one* realm spell at the beginning of each round that all wizards in your army may cast during the game. Once you pick that realm spell, you may not pick it again in subsequent rounds. Realm items will be in full use. Painted models are not required, but they are required to be fully assembled and compliant with the WYSIWYG policy, including any conversions. You will not be penalized for the use of square or improperly sized bases, however we kindly ask you to utilize common sense and place your miniatures on bases relatively appropriate to the miniature's size. Scenarios (in no particular order): Knife to the Heart Starstrike Scorched Earth We will be using a 20-0 scoring system with secondary objectives available during each round which may contribute to your score in addition to victory points. Secondary Objectives will be announced prior to the start of the round. Strength of Schedule will determine final tiebreakers Major Victory 16 points Minor Victory 12 points Minor Loss 8 points Major Loss 4 points Completion of a mission's secondary objective +4 points Schedule 10:00 - 10:30 am check in, list registration 10:30 am - 1:00 PM round 1 1:00 - 2:00 PM lunch break 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM round 2 4:45 - 7:15 round 3 7:15 - 7:30 awards Awards Best General - Highest Battle points 2nd Highest Battle points 3rd Highest Battle points Best painted - Player's Choice -in the case of a tie for player votes, tournament staff shall cast a tiebreaker vote


333 Court St
undefined NY, 11231

Registered Players

Name Team
Chai Tzola NYC Warhammer
Christopher Deeks Nights Watch
Dan Karaban gryph-hound gang
David Schmitz NYC Warhammer
Emma Mangels Your Math Teacher
Gareth Sterling
Ion Popian Kraken
Jonathan Cortes Kraken
Justin Vitagliano
Martin Orlando New Jersey Warlords
Michael Linke Traitor
Nicholas Carpenito NYC Warhammer
Raff Catalano
Ron Krokovich Kraken