Geekfest-Winter Warfare

1.27.2018 - 18:00pm


Another great event hosted at the shearwater speaking club. 1500 pt 40k tourney

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 69



Warrior Ave
Shearwater NS, B0J

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Wall
Alex Grinton
Alexander Fudge
Allan Hutchison
Andrei Dezsi
Anthony Beaulieu
Anton Carter
Ben Pelzer
Brian Strongman
Chris Hubley
Connor Cheney Roll The Initiative
Dave Zinck The creeping pox
David Anderson Roll The Initiative
Gregory Paradis
Guillaume Dubois Nurgle
Ian Thomas Roll The Initiative
John Dowding GreenMachine
Jonathan Haldane
Jonathan Yetman
Julian Desrocher
Mark Peori Usaal
Nathan Quigley Prohpets of the Divide
Paul Villaruel Roll the Initiative
Philip Grassie Roll The Initiative
Robert Jellicoe
Robert Wood
Scott Macmillan Roll The Initiative
Stephen Fraser
Taylor Burns
Tim Pelzer
Todd Wall Roll The Initiative