Rose City Wrath

3.16.2019 - 10:00am


Brought to you from the people who Brought you Food for The Blood God and CARNAGE- The Tyrant of P-Town presents: Rose City Wrath A 2000 point two day five round ITC Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament with modified Generals Handbook scenarios and secret missions. There are Awards for Best Overall, Best General, Best Paint, and Best Sports. There will also be spot prizes given out over the course of the whole weekend. All armies must be painted to minimum tournament standard using the Warhammer World minimum standard - ALL PLAYERS MUST BE 21 AND OVER. The area of Guardian Games the event is on serves alcohol. Guardian Games is the largest game store in the Pacific Northwest. Check out their website at Last date for refund is 3-1-19

Ticket Price:

$45.00 USD

Available Tickets: 11



345 SE Taylor St
Portland OR, 97214

Registered Players

Name Team
Alexander Gonzalez Left Coast Corsairs
Andrew Ettles Victorious Secret
Arturo Gonzalez Rollin Cholo
Benjamin Vizcarra Left Coast Corsairs
Carrie Crowe Victorious Secret
Daniel Cooper Victorious Secret
Derek Erlenbush Victorious Secret
Jack Ballard Victorious Secret
Jais Wattula Victorious Secret
Jeremy Conser
Jeremy Veysseire Chump Change
Johannes Hoogstraten Warhammer In The Valley
John Feuerhelm Left Coast Corsairs
Jon Cook Gutter Bird
Keith Jackson Ordofanaticus
Kyle Breckenridge Betty’s Fighting Havenicans
Matthew Barlow Left Coast Corsairs
Matthew Pashby Left Coast Corsairs
Michael Schwartz Left Coast Corsairs
Ringo Ringerson
Wiley Kinyon D3 Amigos