Warp Charged Gaming Presents: Battle In The Warp Doubles Tournament

8.12.2018 - 9:00am


Warp Charged Gaming is at it again with the 2nd tournament of 2018 that will be held as a special event at Gallery 5 in Richmond VA. Gallery 5 is a beautiful venue with bar that creates an awesome tournament setting. Live streaming of top table that is up on stage overlooking the venue. Live stream projected on the wall w/ round timer. Hundreds of dollars in prize support, trophies and glory! ITC official scoring event, while competitive, a huge focus on fun! Don't miss a unique war gaming experience.

Ticket Price:

$30.00 USD

Available Tickets: 18



200 W Marshall St
Richmond VA, 23220

Registered Players

Name Team
Ali Sharifi WCG
Antonio Reynolds Reynolds/Perrott
Austin Wingfield The Wobbly Modelers
Chris Herrera Warp Charged Gaming
Conor Lobb Warp Charged Gaming
Daniel Paolini Heralds of Freedom
David Penfold Warhammered
Hagen Richards RICHMOND REDS
Mark Hertel Beast Coast
Ryan Zell Those Once Loyal
Vincent Glanville Warp Charged Gaming
Will Evans MEGAmen