Mid-MO Maelstrom

11.6.2021 - 8:30am


Humanity falters as saints and angels fall from the skies, daemons rejoice, Xenos young and old scheme, and the devourer hungers. The tides of the warp are coalescing and forcing the myriad champions of the galaxy to face one another… welcome to the Maelstrom. Pre-registration price is $45.00 and will be discounted until September 1st, after that tickets will be $50.00. Details • Mid-MO MAELSTROM (MMM) Tournament is a competitive Warhammer 40k tournament taking place over 2 days, Nov 6-7, 2021 in Ashland, Missouri. • This is our fourth year and even with COVID-19 we are going forward but we are going forward safely. •ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL WEAR A MASK DURING THE TOURNAMENT. • Please be sure to look for updates, official rulings, answered questions on our website www.midmomaelstrom.com. • If you have any questions feel free to ask! Contact us with rules questions/clarifications/etc. info@midmomaestrom.com. • We want you to have fun experience with a high level of competition. Bring your game face but don’t forget that you are playing toy soldiers! Format • Games will be played at 2,000 points, 3 detachment limit, Forge World is allowed. • 5 Rounds •Registration on Saturday begins at 8:30am-9am Day 1 Round 1 start - 9 am-Noon Lunch Break - Noon-12:45pm Round 2 start -12:45pm-3:45pm Break 3:45pm-4pm Round 3 start - 4pm-7pm Day 2 Round 4 start - 9am-Noon Lunch Break - Noon-12:45pm Round 5 Start - 12:45pm-3:45pm Awards 4pm/4:15pm • Missions: The current 9th edition missions will be used we will provide our mission pack closer to the event. • The points that you accrue will be submitted for the Lord Marshall Circuit in addition to the ITC points that you receive.

Ticket Price:

$40.00 USD

Available Tickets: 51



511 Optimist Dr
Ashland MO, 65010

Registered Players

Name Team
Anthony Baumayr
Cory Schulz
Isaiah Garcia
Jacob Cummings
James Grachek
Peyton Harris
Richardjason Harris
Wyatt Harris
Z Lindberg