Team Up To Beat Down

5.12.2018 - 11:00am


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$10.00 USD

Available Tickets: 2



9120 Wadsworth Pkwy
Westminster CO, 80021

Registered Players

Name Team
Ben Neal Colorado Cutthroats
Calvin McGill
Cody Jiru Sac City Punishers
David Ortiz Denver 113th Irregulars
Dillon ‘Ace’ Grant Phalanx of Olympus
Dominick Alarcon
Donald "Caine" Anderson The Phalanx of Olympus
ESSEVAN CHUNN Droppin Deuces
Evan Neumann Endgame
Graham Cook
Gregory Wright The War College
Henry Carlson
Jack Deller
Jack Mowry Colorado Inqisiton
Jeff Gutierrez
Justin Kemple The definitely real and totally not fake 40k team
Kyle McCormick Phalanx of Olympus
liam brack Denver 113th Irregulars
Luke Cook
Mathew Fortune
Matt Hoelscher
Matt Williams
Micah Kingsbury Colorado inquisition
Randall Nelson Droppin Deuces
Robert Gregory JV
Trent Eastman Phalanx of Olympus
Will Stamp
Zaak Kerstetter Colorado Cutthroats
Zach Fager JV
Zach Kerrick