The Louisiana State Championships - Round 3

2.2.2019 - 9:00am


The LA State Championship is a 5-event series, set in 3-cities, where players take their chance at the title of State Champion. Best 3-out-of-5 scores are counted for the title. This is the 3rd-event in the series, and will also coincide with the Slidell Quarter Master Series. For participants of the Slidell Tuesday Night Fights events, your average scores from the series will be tallied up with your three scores from this event for the Quarter Master title. We have only 16 spaces available, potentially going to 20 spaces if we can provide tables and terrain. Tickets will be $20, paid the day of. Cash Only. Doug Fischer is our Tournament Organizer for this event. We will be using the Warzone: Atlanta Missions which can be found at The missions are: 1-Aggressive Recon 2-Hot Landing Zone 3-Dig Site ITC terrain rules will be in use at the event: all bottom floors of ruins count as line of site block, regardless if they have a window, door, or battle damage. Current Chapter Approved, FAQ’s, Beta Rules, are in effect. This includes the new Bolter Discipline. The Army Construction Guidelines are as follows: - 2000 points - 3 Detachments - Battleforged Armies Only - Forgeworld units below 30 Power Level are allowed Lists must be submitted one week before the event: January 26th, 2019. List must be submitted in Battlescribe Format, with All Costs, Minimal, Flattened, no Rules, no Profiles selected preferably. 9AM - Doors Open, Registration 10AM - Dice Roll

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 2



69123 Skybrook Rd
Mandeville LA, 70471

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Abramowicz The General Staff
Brian Harris
Clint Hoffman GCWA
Connor Patrick Macloud
Edward Valois
Ian Thornton GCWA
John Stovall
Kelly Wallace The General Staff
Kicker Kalozdi
Kyle Smith
Lassider Porte
Luke Gill Weenie Hut Jr.
Mark Perry Brohammer
Oscar Fernandez
Price Wilkes The General Staff
Ringer Ringer chicken Dinner
Robert Blow
Ryan Rutledge
Samuel Wright
Schuyler Quinn
Shawn Lowrey
Stephen Cosgrove The General Staff
Thomas Byrd The General Staff
Tom Sicree Fort Polk