Garrett’s 1st Covid TTS Grand Tournament

9.6.2020 - 0:00am


The first ever of Garrett’s World Famous Covid TTS tournaments, now as a GT. To those new to this style of event, here is a brief description of the format: Pairings will go up at the beginning of the week, one day prior to the start of the tournament. Each round of the tournament will take place over the course of a one to two days to give players time to schedule and play their games over TTS. The first two rounds of the event , players will have 48 hours to schedule and play their games since it is taking place during a normal work week. Rounds three, four, and five, players will have 24 hours to schedule and play their games since they will be played over the weekend. Games will just be scored as a Win or a Loss with tie breakers among placings using Strength of Schedule and Extended Strength of Schedule. Pairings will be randomly determined among players with the same record. Lists are due by Saturday, September 5th at 11:59pm EDT, so we can get pairings up and running at a reasonable time on Sunday the 6th. There will be a voice channel setup for each table pairing so you can easily connect with your opponent, and you are encouraged to stream your game and have others watch and participate. Link to join discord server for playing in or spectating the event: Round 1: Better Part of Valor in Ghur (Monday September 7th) Round 2: Starstrike in Hysh (Wednesday September 9th) Round 3: Shifting Objectives in Shyish (Friday September 11th) Round 4: Blade’s Edge in Aqshy (Saturday September 12th) Round 5: Forcing the Hand in Ulgu (Sunday September 13th)

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Available Tickets: 44



2401 Wilson Blvd
Arlington VA, 22201

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Sluka
Alexander Gonzalez Left Coast Corsairs
Basil Inferrera Kraken
Ben Timmerman forever alone
Bill Souza Gentlemen Gaming
Chai Tzola NYC Warhammer
Chris Meldrum
Chris Werter
Christopher Hernandez
Clay Franchere
Ethan Schupp
Frank DeLoach The Wobbly Modelers
Greg Goede Gentlemen Gaming
Ion Popian Kraken
Jeremy Veysseire Left Coast Corsairs
Jiwan Noah Singh Nyc wargaming
Kaleb Walters Dorkdomgameing
Kyle Calip The Wobbly Modelers
Nicholas Carpenito NYC Warhammer
pask pask lachiee's proteges