GameStart Asia A Time Of Legends

10.13.2018 - 10:00am


A Time of Legends returns to GameStart Asia, and promises to be the largest, most ambitious ITC event in Singapore to date! Be part of wargaming history! Plenty of exciting prizes to be won! There's something for everyone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eligibility - Open to ALL. Maximum of 40 Players. Entry Fee - $35 per player. Includes one $12 One Day GameStart Asia Tickets for each player and Swag Bag. Players who make it to Day Two gets a free ticket on us! (All participants gain 3QPs that contribute to the 2018 Invitational Season) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prizes Best Overall - $120 GW Voucher + Trophy 2nd Best Overall - $80 GW Voucher Best General - $120 GW Voucher + Trophy Best Appearance - $80 GW Voucher + Trophy Best Youngblood (16 years-old and under) - $60 GW Voucher Best Imperium - $60 GW Voucher (can only claim from declared faction) Best Non-Imperium - $60 GW Voucher (can only claim from declared faction) Best Single Codex - $60 GW Voucher (can only claim from declared faction) And many lucky draw prizes! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participants get a limited edition Battlesaurus Dice. Winners gets a special Battlesaurus Champion's die. Number of rounds: (Day 1) 3 Swiss rounds cut to Top Eight, 3 hour rounds. (Day 2) 2 Swiss rounds, 3 hour rounds -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Army Composition - Battleforged 1750pts tournament - 1-3 Detachments per player - Do note that the ITC FAQ and Ruleset will be used for this event. - Any previously published material before 30 Sep will be legal for this event. - Maximum of 40 players. First come First served basis. - Armies are to be 100% painted. (100% Painted Armies are determined as entirely covered in paint with 3 minimum colours/shades in a cohesive manner. Primer counts as a colour.) - Army lists are to be submitted by Sunday, 7 October 2018 - Should your army include any conversions, or is heavily modified, kindly submit your list with pictures as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scoring Criterion Generalship Each Victory = 4pts Each Draw = 1pt Appearance - Teams will score Appearance based on an average of both players' scores. - Armies will score 0-3 in each of the following sections - Basic Painting (1: Basecoated Models, 2: Basic Shading/Highlighting, 3: Outstanding Effort) - Basing (1: Bases are Painted or Textured, 2: Bases are Textured & Shaded/Hightlighted, 3: Outstanding Basework) - Advanced Technique (1 to 3 depending on complexity and application. Simple layers and edge highlights etc = 1 while NMM blends/ Extreme Freehand work = 3) - Wow Factor (Judge's discretion determined by overall theme and execution) Masters of Rites : Highest Composite of Generalship + Appearance Masters of Battle : Highest Generalship Score Master of Relics : Highest Appearance Score -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Missions ITC Champions Day 1 [13 Oct] (0900hrs) Registration (1000hrs) Round 1 - Crucible of Champions (1300hrs) Lunch (1400hrs) Round 2 - Cut to the Heart (1700hrs) Break (1730hrs) Round 3 - Nexus Control Day 2 [14 Oct] (1000hrs) Round 4 - What's Yours is Mine (1300hrs) Lunch (1400hrs) Round 5 - Precious Cargo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions Q. Will chess clocks be used? A. Why, yes actually! But only for the top eight tables and only on Day 2. Start practicing! Q. Will the Sept Big FAQ be in effect? A. Only if it is published by 29 Sep, 2359hrs. Otherwise, nope. Q. Will Orks be a legal codex? A. Iunno. Q. I made it to Day 2! Do I have to buy a new ticket? A. Nope, you do not have to - it's on us. Congratulations! Q. Will we be on Best Coast Pairings? A. Of course! Our tournament organiser team is hard at work on it. Stay tuned for more information! On Wed, 19 Sep 2018 at 22:27, Ong Zackary <> wrote:

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Registered Players

Name Team
Arif Kamarudin
Arthur Kong
Augustin Ang
Aymeric Aute
Ben Chia
Christopher YS Koh Earth Dragon Trading
David De Souza
Dinesh peeris
Elijah Yang
Eng Chu Heng Kim Jongchu
Eric Ng
Gavin Tng Team Tau-gay
Goh Bryan
Ian Ng
Joe Koh ardkore
Joel Koh
Keith Lee Team Losers
Leonard Chang
Lum Tang Liang
Mark Ong Fly You Fools
Melvin Lim
Nicholas Leong
Nicolas ANTONI
Quake Quake
Raymond Tan
Shahrul Azmi Balau
Sheng Ren Low Team Anytime Fatness
Shou jeen Fu
Tee Sing Tang Team DDSTTS
Tsui Chiang Quek
Tze min lim
Wesley Chan Team Alist