Pro-Play Tour DBS Online Circuit: Free Weekly

5.27.2020 - 12:00pm


Registration for this online tournament is FREE. Watch THIS before registering: Discord Required! Join Here: Tournament Details Registration is open until one hour before start time Player limit: 32 players, first come, first served. Deck lists must be submitted in URL from DBS-DECKS or SHENRONSLAIR When purchasing this ticket, use your DISCORD username All matches must be conducted on OCTGN or Untap. Bare minimum must have access to Untap. The tournament format is as follows: Swiss ONLY no top cut. This means you play every round, win or lose, and you are paired against players with a similar record. The length for each round is 70 minutes, with 10 minutes of overtime. Standard end of match procedures. Intentional draws are NOT allowed. You must use the exact same deck list for all rounds, just like in a real tournament. All cards up to Unison Expansions 11& 12 and Set 10 starter decks are legal. NO SET 10

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Available Tickets: 17



1405 SW 107th Ave #212C
Miami FL, 33174

Registered Players

Name Team
Afisurvive BlackSaila
Andres Herrera PTY UV STORE
Chad Kaplan Ginyu slaps
cody domingo DBS Hawaii
DonkeyKong957 DonkeyKong957
John LaMontanaro
Markus Zirkle Bearded Collectibles
Mathew Rockwell Dragon Ballerz
Nouh Alawadh
Ricardo Mayorga TamerAG
Ryan Gardella
Vinicius Carneiro
Vinnie Rivera
Yousef Alawadh