Tahoe Crown Grand Tournament

6.20.2020 - 9:00am


This is the first annual Tahoe Crown Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament at the historic Tahoe Biltmore Casino and Resort in Crystal Bay, NV 40k GT: 2000pt ITC 5 round event. Standard build using the current ITC missions WYSIWYG is required (any counts as models or extensive conversions must be cleared through the T.O. prior to the event) List submissions through the BCP app or by email will be required by June 17th. If lists are in by midnight on the 13th an extra raffle ticket will be given out for door prizes. Sportsmanship and Hobby scores will be added to determine the over all winner. (Ace) Models need to be painted to at least the "3 color standard" There will be awards for: Ace of Spades = Best overall King of Clubs = Best general Queen of Hearts = Best hobby score Prince of Diamonds = Second best General. Joker = Wooden spoon

Ticket Price:

$40.00 USD

Available Tickets: 7



5 Nevada 28
Crystal Bay Nevada, 89402

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Harbert Yeet Squad
Andrew Le Getting Hammered 40k
Bill Durrett
Brandon Kuznar Hammerheads
Brandon Pesut Matrix Cards and Games
Brian Dauner
Chris Forkner NUT
Christian Hansen
Cody Baldree
Cody Davis NUT
David Jones Matrix
Eric Cawthern
Forest Johnson ISC Gaming
Grover Shipman Jefferson State Wargamers
Harout Baltayan NUT
Jake Nelson
James Brandetsas
Jason Kalayjian Jefferson State Wargamers
Joe Suske
John Kalayjian Jefferson State Wargamers
Jonny Clark Hammerheads
Mason Vasquez
Matthew Glass
Michael Aldenbrook
Michael Timpe hammerhead games
Mike Oade Wolf Brothers
Robert Nelson
Stephen Unger NUT
Tod Swenson ISC Gaming
Travis Rehder
Treynor Wolfe NUT
Will Farley
Zack Backus