Little Wars 40k Tournament Series #4

3.30.2019 - 10:00am


Round 4 of Louisiana 40K Series -20$ entry at the door. -All entrants who finish the tournament receive a door prize or prize support. -Entry fee will go into prize support and will be given to best in the three groups (xenos, imperium, and chaos) with additional prize going to the overall winner. There will also be a paint raffle where if every model in your unit is painted then you are entered to win. Additionally some money will be saved for use in the overall series prize. Tournament specifics: -2000 points, and 3 games. -3 detatchments max. -Beta rules in effect from the Big FAQ. -ITC Missions from the following link (specific choices to follow) :// -Games will be 2:30 dice down with a 45 minute lunch after the first game. -All codexes and information released in print or official sites are viable until the 23rd. -Forge world models may be used. 40K Series Specifics: -The best 3 out of 5 scores in any of the 40K series tournaments will be tallied and the person with the highest score being the winner at the end of the series.

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7517 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge Louisiana, 70806

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Clem GCWA
Addison Moseley GCWA
Allen Broussard Now Playing
Anthony Hinkel GCWA
Austin Walker
Bryce Robinson Space Pirates
Clint Hoffman Nights of the Game Table
Eric Easley
harley aymond
ian thornton GCWA
John Moore
John Stovall The Best Martyr
Jon Sloneker
Joseph Scott
Kicker Kalozdi Blue Falcons
Larry Pearson
Lassider Porte Blue Falcons
Leo Kennedy
Mark Perry Brohammer
Nicholas St. Amour GCWA
Samuel Wright Super Wargamer
Schuyler Quinn Blue Falcons
Scott Combs GCWA
Shawn Lowrey Lone Wolf