Cataclysm Clash of Champions

11.3.2018 - 9:00am


Details Here it is--Cataclysm's first Clash of Champions Grand Warhammer 40k Tournament! The spicy details: Entry Fee: $50 2000 points Maximum of 32 players Painting required using the ITC standard. Each participant will receive a grab bag when they arrive. Grab bags include a custom dice bag, combat gauge and more! 100% of the entry fees go toward the grab bags and prize support for the event. Preregistration IS required! Call Cataclysm at 779-200-0600 or stop in the store to sign up. We do anticipate this to fill quickly so please register as soon as you are able. This is a five round tournament using the ITC rules and the Best Coast Pairing app. We will be using the 8th Ed Champion’s Missions. Those can be found here: For more information regarding ITC events and how they work please follow this link: Day 1 9:00am- Registration Opens 10:00am - 1:00pm- Round 1 (Seize Ground) 1:15pm - 4:15pm- Round 2 (Cut to the Heart) 4:15pm - 5:15pm- Lunch Plus Best Painted and Best of Faction Voting 5:15pm - 8:15pm- Round 3 (Nexus Control) Day 2 10:00am - 1:00pm- Round 4 (What’s Yours is Mine) 1:15pm - 4:15pm- Round 5 (Precious Cargo) 4:45pm- Awards Assuming a full turnout payouts will be as follows: 1st place = Store credit of $500 2nd place = Store credit of $250 3rd place = Store credit of $150 Middle of the Road = Store credit of $100 Best Painted = Full artificer brush set plus a painting handle Best Imperial = Special Edition Codex Best Xenos = Special Edition Codex Best Chaos = Special Edition Codex (Store Credit based on turnout, special edition codices based on available quantity.) If there are any questions feel free to post here or message Chris Parlapiano.


8289 Burden Rd
Machesney Park IL, 61115

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Brazzell Scions of the War Zone
Andrew McClanahan
Anthony Lineberry Scions of the Warzone
Brett Warriner Cataclysm
Chad Lindsay Screw City Gamers
Chris Parlapiano Cataclysm
Daniel Celletti Screw City Gamers
Doug Cox Cataclysm
Geoff Hill Imperial
Israel Malave Kamikazes
John Carlson Cataclysm
Justin Curtis Team Happy
Kevin Leonard Team Happy
Kevin Pearson
Kyle Schultz Cataclysm
Les Westmoreland Screw City Gamers
Nick Jolliff Cataclysm
Ryan Letzter Cataclysm
Scott Pockat
Steve Smith Screw City Gamers
Tyler White Kamikazes
Zachary Bogdonas Cataclysm