Warpgate 40K 2-day Tournament

2.2.2019 - 9:00am


***PLEASE REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE TO PAY AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT.*** *ALL ARMY LISTS DUE ONE WEEK PRIOR (JAN 26) OR YOUR SPOT MAY BE GIVEN AWAY* - HARD DEADLINE- NO EXCEPTIONS.- -A 2-day Tournament of Warhammer 40k. -ITC event using latest full ITC Rules packet -2000 points -Fully painted is encouraged -Lots of amazing prizes and trophies. Also a pop up store with incredible GW product and crazy discounts. 2000 point fully painted Eldar Craftworlds army Grand Raffle Giveaway. (See website) 4 other raffles for each game system.


270 Harrison Ave
Harrison NY, 10528

Registered Players

Name Team
Andrew Braverman Battle For Salvation
Arturo Cortes
David Lenok Warmongers
George Katehis NYC Generals
James Lombardi
Jeffrey Hanson 13th Legion Second company
M Palladino Battle For Salvation
Tamer Saloot NYC Generals
Tony Phillips Dicebags