‘Ere We Go Again Ladz! 40K

1.19.2019 - 12:00pm


https://www.facebook.com/events/547183042371376/ LIMITED SPOTS REMAIN! Please check out the Facebook event and message Karl Rohr or email campuscardsandgames2@gmail.com to reserve your spot for this event.


116 S Semoran Blvd
Winter Park FL, 32792

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Dieppa
Andrew Valdespino Facing the Grey Tide
Aurelio Correa War Room Gladiators
Bryan Malpass Brohammer
Jacob Featherman CCG2
John Anderson Brohammer
Jonathan Geiger Brohammer
Mara Faris
Marc Parker Death spital down
Pablo Pradas-Bergnes
Paul Brodzik CCG2
Quinton Johnson CCG2
Raoul Vega Brohammer
Regino Sanchez Brohammer
Richard Siegler Brohammer
Rob Carr 40k Knights
Rob Secrest CoC
Ruben Fernandez Brohammer
Sebastian Marrero Brohammer
Will Taylor Brohammer