Atomic Empire Hosts: An Unexpected Tourney

7.16.2022 - 10:00am


“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure[…]” - Gandalf The Citizens of Atomic Empire would like to cordially invite you to our first tournament for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. We, the hosting parties, request the pleasure of your company at our humble store in Durham, NC on the 16th and 17th of July in the year 2022. Event Details: Format: 2 Day, 800 point Tournament of Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. 3 Games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. 2 hour rounds. 30 Players Location: Atomic Empire 3400 Westgate Dr #14b, Durham, NC 27707 Scheduling and Logistics: 16th and 17th of July 2022. Registration will be through the event listing on Atomic Empire Website Link: Registration Fee & Deadline: $30 due to Atomic Empire by the 8th of July SAT: 16 July 10:00-10:30 Doors Open, Set up & Check-in 10:30-12:30 Game 1 12:30-1:30 Luncheon* 1:30-3:30 Game 2 3:30-4:00 Afternoon Tea 4:00-6:00 Game 3 SUN: 17 July 12:00 Doors Open 12:30-2:30 Game 4 3:00-3:30 Afternoon Tea 3:30-5:30 Game 5 5:30-6:00 Final Voting & Tabulations 6:00 Awards Ceremony *(There are many nearby dining options - food is not provided by the event, though limited concessions are available for purchase at the store.) Prize Support: Trophies, product and/or store credit will be given for the following categories: Best Painted, Top 3, Best Sportsman, and The Spoon Scenario Details: Scenarios will be chosen out of the Matched Play Guide. Tables will be pre set up with terrain so no modifications to terrain will be allowed without the tournament organizer’s permission or after the first game begins. Lists can be submitted via email to or to the event roster on BCP - link: TBD on or before July 8th. Scoring during the tournament will be per the Matched Play Guide. Tournament points : Win = 3 points, Draw =1 point, Loss = 0 points. Victory points must also be tracked during each game as this will be used for tie breakers. Pairings and scores will be tracked via the Best Coast Pairings (BCP) app, having the app is not required to participate in this event. List Restrictions: All lists and Legendary Legions are allowed - except red alliances. Banned models: Smaug, Goldberry and Tom Bombadil. Proxy models are allowed as long as the base size requirements are met, and the model’s war gear matches the model they are a proxy for. All models should be fully painted to a reasonable tournament standard (for example - basecoated, four additional colors and some sort of scenic basing such as sand, flock, snow effects, lava and cracked mud effects etc…). Please contact me in advance of the event if you have concerns, exceptions can be given at the TO’s discretion. Players have the option to bring 1 or 2 lists. If a player chooses to bring 2 lists, 1 must be Evil and the other must be Good. Round 1, paired players will roll off to see who gets to pick which list they would prefer to start with, their opponent must play the opposite list to make a Good Vs Evil pairing if possible. Games 2-4, the higher tiered player will have the option to choose which list they want to play with. If a player is paired with another player who has only one list, the other player must play the opposite to their opponent to allow for a Good Vs Evil matchup. In the event that two players are matched up that both have only 1 list, they will play against one another with their lists regardless of if the armies are both aligned the same. Further Notes: If you have any interest in bringing terrain, paint judging, painting exemptions, being added to the waitlist, concerns regarding any particular model/proxy, or sponsoring/donating prizes please reach out to me at:


3400 Westgate Drive
Durham NC, 27707

Registered Players

Name Team
Ben Gallagher
Christopher Cline
David Zhu Citizens of the Empire
Joseph Keller
Kyle Hodges
Matt Lohff Veterans of Helms Deep
Nate Coffin
Sam Fricke
Sam Gallagher
Sean Williams Ogor You Didn't
Thomas Harris
Tyler Stern Veterans of Helms Deep
Zachary Johnson