Flying Monkey Con Warhammer 40k GT Major

8.14.2020 - 18:00pm


Flying Monkey Con 2020. Proudly part of the 2020 Lord Marshal series find out more info at this link. TICKETS INCLUDE A CON BADGE Tickets are set in tiers of 5, with 20 tickets in each of those tiers. Be the first 20 ticket holders to get tier 1 tickets. Tier 1 tickets will have the best swag and the best chances to win random prizes! The following tiers still have swag but wont be as good as the previous! Get your tickets quick

Ticket Price:

$60.00 USD

Available Tickets: 5



400 W Douglas Ave
Wichita KS, 67202

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Cook Outlanders
Aaron Scherer Frozen North Gaming
Alex Bade Flying Monkeys
Andrew Jennings Endgame
Andy Kull Mastery Level 0
Axel Johnson Frozen North Gaming
Baby Gap Flying Monkeys
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Bryan Shaw
Cam Hawkins Flying Monkeys
Cary Mah FSGC
Charles Fox Flying Monkeys
Chase Fishel Flying Monkeys
Chris Rethemeier Warhogs
Cody Jiru Denver Mountain Trolls
Colin Kay Adeptus Colorades
Colin McDade Team Texas
Cullen Burns U.S. Army Esports
Dan Sammons Outlanders
Dave Danuser Lords of War
David Arimond Lords of War
David Villareal Team Texas
Derek Richardson Flying Monkeys
Dylan Brandon Warhammer Anonymous
Eric Smtih Texas Drinking Team
Frank Howerton Mastery Level 0
Isaac Johnson
James Kelling Frozen North Gaming
Jamie Bond Outlanders
Jason Horn
Jason Merten Warhammer Anonymous
Jason Rogers 40kc
Jennie Merten Warhammer Anonymous
Jeremiah Petit Lords of War
jesse pinick FSGC
Jony Velazquez Team Texas
Joshua Freeman FSGC
Kyle Daley Adeptus Colorades
Logan Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Logan Payne Frozen North Gaming
Marc Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Marcus Guerra Flying Monkeys
Mark Weiss Warhogs
Marvin Sims
Mathew Fortune Denver Mountain Trolls
Matt Evans Denver Mountain Trolls
Matthew Bennett Make Cadia Great Again
Matthew Paul Flying Monkeys
Matthew Runde Rolling Sixes
Michael DeLange Flying Monkeys
Michael Keys Mastery Level 0
Miller Time Miller Team Texas
Nate "The High Kheshig" Goodfellow Team Texas
Nathan Bates Jason Horn Fan Club
Nick Hiatt Knights of The Pond
Nicolas Weiss Warhogs
Patrick McAneeny Battle For Salvation
Peyton Harris Team Harris
Quinton Sloan Flying Monkeys
Richardjason Harris Team Harris
Robert Bomer Mastery Level 0
Russell Rose Warhammer Anonymous
Ryan Snyder Steel City Legion
Samuel Boman Warhogs
Samuel Hank
SAMUEL SMITH Texas Drinking Team
Scott Blegen Frozen North Gaming
Scott McElheny 40kc
Scott Thompson Outlanders
Trenton Sample Flying Monkeys
Tyler Drew Mastery Level 0
Viet Win Team Texas
William Ristau Warhammer Anonymous
Wyatt Harris Team Harris
Zane Greene Flying Monkeys