2.15.2020 - 9:30am


LaRue GTFO One day Warhammer 40k tournament One day 3 rounds 3 hours per round 24 player max Maelstrom Missions from Chapter Approved 2019 Critical Objectives Disruptive Tactics Confined Command Players will have 24 cards in their deck. 18 will be used in the game. The faction cards for every faction in your army MUST be included in your deck. Example- If you are Imperial Fists you would have 12 Cards of your choice and 6 Imperial Fists specific cards and 6 Space Marine Cards. Your game deck would hold 6 of your 12 cards, 6 Fists cards and 6 Marine cards. Example- If you are Imperial Fists and Ad Mech you would have 6 Cards of your choice, 6 Imperial Fists cards, 6 Space Marines cards and 6 Ad Mech cards. Your game deck would be 6 Space Marine Cards, 6 Fists, and 6 Ad Mech cards. (Basically Dont Bother Bringing the 6 extra cards) End of Game Scoring 15+ pt differential = Major Win 12pts/0pts 7-14 pt differential = Win 9 pts/3 pts 1-6 pt differential = Minor Win 7 pts/5 pts 0 pt differential = Tie 6 pts/6 pts ARMY COMP Army Lists must be submitted before or you will receive a yellow card. 2000 points 3 detachment max We will be using all current FAQs and codexes published the Friday before 3 color army minimum with basing (we will pull models) All conversions and proxies must be approved by the TO before the tournament If you are planning on doing something that is debatable in the rules contact the TO beforehand. Don’t show up and think it will fly. GW dice app accepted THE EVENT $25 entry fee at the door Prize support and Raffle Hobby Track Event Two no shows loses your ability to preregister without payment

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1017 S Boone St #100
Aberdeen WA, 98520

Registered Players

Name Team
Bunker Hill
Charles Congdon Deffrollaz
Daryn Kaczmarczyk NW Mercs
Hank Adams
James Donis Codex Noncompliant
James Gliddon GH Tabletop Gaming
Jason Byrd NW Mercs
Jason Rider U.S. Army Esports
john johnson The Legion
John Schneider-Wiss
John Smith NW Mercs
Joshua LaRue NW Mercs
Kellen Garoutte
Kieran Lowe Deffrolaz
Kolby Hopkins Lictor? I hardly knew her!
Leland Rill Lictor? I hardly knew her!
Michael Fulmer
Michael Halverson Titanic Feet Games
Nathan Billings
Oseas Aduna NW Mercs
Paul Winters Codex Noncompliant
Peter Venner The Legion
Rick Hill
Ryan Lynn Lictor? I hardly knew her!
Scott Dudley Bolter buddies
Sean Nasto NW Mercs
Tiffany Darrin NW Mercs
Wes Wright NW Mercs
Zackery Sanders Bolter buddies