Guardian games Q3 RTT

9.28.2019 - 10:00am


-21+ event in the critical sip - doors open at 10am, Dice at 10:30am -3 matched play ITC championship missions, 2.5 hour rounds - lunch from 1-1:30pm. -$25 buy in with prize support for best general, paint, sports, and 2 raffle prizes! hope to see you there!

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345 SE Taylor St
Portland OR, 97214

Registered Players

Name Team
Alexander Gonzalez Left Coast Corsairs
Benjamin Schimmoller Chump Change
Bert Logan
Cameron Duhon viper dragons
Christopher Spence
Craig Boyle Rose City Ruffians
Eric Mcguire Rose City Ruffians
Harry Gieringer
Jared Moderie
Kim Lorz
Kolby Hopkins fdlfpt
Leland Rill fdlfpt
Lukas Troller North BAEs
Max Schwarzer Rose City Ruffians
Nicolas Ohlsen-Johnson Rose City Ruffians
Ryan Lynn fdlfpt
Sam Chadwick
Stuart Hill
tanner Hebert Rose City Ruffians
Tyler Bortel North BAEs
William Gil