Battle For Los Angeles

4.18.2020 - 8:00am


Clairbourne School 8400 Huntington Dr San Gabriel, CA 91775 Tickets are $50 58 player cap. April 18th and 19th, 2020 Physical Check In Saturday, April 18th at 8:00am. 5 rounds of play, 3 hours per round. Day 1 9am – 12pm game 1 12pm-1pm Lunch 1pm-4pm game 2 4:15pm-7:15pm game 3 Day 2 9am – 12pm game 4 12pm - 1pm Lunch 1pm - 4pm game 5 4:15pm - 4:45pm Awards 2,000pts, Matched Play Rules ITC Code of Conduct - More serious Yellow Cards will carry over to Hammer of Wrath GT & Slaughterfest GT ITC Missions 1-5 ITC Terrain Guidelines are in effect Chess Clock Rules will be in effect for day 2 for players with a winning record. Players may bring their own clock to use if they have one. Hobby Track scores will be reported, using the ITC Paint Rubric +/- 5 points judge’s discretion

Ticket Price:

$50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 27



8400 Huntington Dr
San Gabriel CA, 91775

Registered Players

Name Team
Andrew Valdespino
Andy Gonzales
Carson Murdy
Chris Dreher
Danny Janevski
Danny Romo
Dean May
Derek Page
Dominick Gokgoz
Esteban Fernandez
Gabe Garner
Hank Bell
Hayden Navarre
Jacob Cook
Jade Scott
Jamil Aboulhosn
Jason Dillon
Jason McKenzie
Jeff Jew
Jeff Orlich
Jeff Poole
Keith French
Kristoffer Touborg
Luc Jessick
Michael Humphrey
Nicholas Hodson
richard cozart
Robert Herr
Robert Mohun
Tommy Malone
Travis Fahy