Goldensprue Cup 2019 - Age of Sigmar

1.19.2019 - 9:00am


Although the GoldenSprue Cup has been running for a while already, this is the first time we have had Age of Sigmar running concurrently. To drum up interest in this new feature, tickets are discounted $10 for Age of Sigmar attendees. Please read the event rules on our website.

Ticket Price:

$40.00 USD

Available Tickets: 7



200 Columbia Turnpike
Rensselaer New York, 12144

Registered Players

Name Team
Anthony Lawrence Gentlemen Gaming
Anthony Trentanelli
Benjamin Mininberg Stinky Boys
Brian Kissel Brian Kissel Masterpiece Miniatures
David Hayes
Emma Mangels Basement War Gamers
Joshua Austin
Joshua D Keal Joshua D Keal Masterpiece Miniatures
Kendrick Hayes
Kyle Cridland
Lewis Knapp
Mark Mininberg The Boo Berries ft. Count chocula
Matthew Fay
Michael Garner Upstate Honor Guard
Mike Mullis
Nathaniel Punches Nathaniel Punches
Rob Proscia Gentlemen Gaming
Ryan Deane Darkstar
Sam Gould Darkstar
Shawn Allen
Tectonic Dan Cotrupe Tectonic Craft Studios
Travis Tucker Whips & Chains
Will Hayes D6 Inches Unbuffed