Deceitful Allies

6.30.2019 - 9:00am


A freind, is a freind, but perhaps not. 2k points 1day ITC tournament with a twist. Special rules for lists with multiple factions, what is affectionately referred to as soups.


Kestrel Rd
Stretford England, M17 1SF

Registered Players

Name Team
Andrea Lispi Roll the Bones
Andrew wilcock BDB
Christopher Ward
Dafz Atkinson MPM
David Turner Dangerous Terrain
Harris Richards MMP
James Whitfield MPM
James Wilson MPM
Jason Roberts Gatekeepers
Jay Wood
John Broome
John Ryan
John Shaw
jonny walter
Joshua Gray
Liam Young
Mason Chan
Matt Lambe
Patrik Sanfilippo Roll the Bones
Robert Kinsey MPM
Sam Kirkman MPM
Sam Page Mid Sussex Wargamers
Terry Haverty Gtg-guys that game
Tess Yoxall
Tom Higginbottom Glasshammer