Siege The Tower 40k GT


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2,000 point ITC scoring GT out of VA beach, VA. All info posted to event link on Facebook. We will be using Coastal WarGaming tournament missions. A link to the current version of the missions is listed on the Facebook event, if any tweaks are made to the missions they will be announced and finalized two weeks before the start of the event. If you have never played with us before PLEASE take a good look at the missions a brief run down of them is 20 primary points all from manipulation of the objective markers, 17 secondary points from killing units, FB,LB,WL for 3 more. Registration will be through BCP app. Payment for the GT is 40 dollars. It will be 3 2hour 45 minute rounds day one And 2 3 hour rounds day two with prizes to be given at the end of day two. More info posted to event page, if you have any questions hit us up there, or at Thanks!

Ticket Price:

$40.00 USD

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5405 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach VA, 23464

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Killen Wet Wild and Warpy
Anthony Fitzgerald Beast Coast
Anthony Parks Those Once Loyal
Bobby Soto Team Battle Brothers
Chris Cardamone Jersey's Cards and Comics
Christopher Bettis Coastal WarGaming
Coy Monk Coastal WarGaming
Curt Phillips Team Battle Brothers
David Heatwole Dragonfire Games
David Penfold Warhammered
Dennis Weaver Coastal WarGaming
Eric Reschke
Eric Wurster Coastal WarGaming
Evan Valdyke Hawaiian Vikings
Germunkin Baird Snaggle Tooth
James Piacelli Coastal WarGaming
Jason Smith Wet Wild and Warpy
Jason Sypolt
Justin McLawhorn Full Frontal Nerdity
Kyle Massey Coastal WarGaming
Larry Oliver Wet Wild and Warpy
Matt Wilkens Coastal WarGaming
Miles Hamrick Team Battle Brothers
Patrick Aultice Coastal WarGaming
Patrick McNeill Warhammered
Paul Seal Wet Wild and Warpy
Ryan Lavoie Victory Gamers
Shawn Allen Coastal WarGaming
Tanner Thomas Coastal WarGaming
Travis Sandkulla Coastal WarGaming
Will Critz Coastal WarGaming
Will Evans MEGAmen