Jolt 40k ITC July Event

7.27.2019 - 10:30am


- Warhammer 40k event at Jolt Games, 56 Hoskins St, Mitchell, ACT 2911 - 3 round (2.5 hrs) using ITC champions missions with modified deployment as detailed in the players pack. - $25 entry payed at the door; 24 player cap. Round 1 (10:30am-1pm): Scenario 1, Dawn of War deployment Round 2 (1:30pm-4:00pm): Scenario 3, Hammer & Anvil deployment Round 3 (4:10pm-6:40pm): Scenario 5, Dawn of War deployment Player's Pack:

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Available Tickets: 13



56 Hoskins St
Mitchell ACT, 2911

Registered Players

Name Team
Andrew Sherman Legion
David McKay Repo Squad
Dean Powell
Eleanor Byler OPness
Josh McMillan Legion
Joshua Brodie Legion
Matthew Brown SWCG
Michael Duke Legion
Nathan Simat
Owen Jaecker Vanguard
Trevor Mendel OPness