Warhammer 40k Major Event - Battle in the Warp The 1st Crusade


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A 40k Major! Presented by Warp Charged Gaming & Coastal Wargaming hosted by Battlegrounds! There will be 64 available spots that will have the chance to compete for thousands in prize support and Major level ITC points! The event will take place over 2 days & 5 rounds. Prizes will be awarded to top players of each bracket up to the top 16 so at any player level you will have a chance to compete for prizes down to the last match! ITC points & Custom Objective markers will be provided to participants. List submission will be mandatory in order to help us ensure factions are being entered correctly. Check out the ITC factions breakdown here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16p0r1w3IHR2xGrIGpWREMhs9Amnqzbti6TGG8-xiSyE/edit#gid=0 Your Warlord, & Relic are locked on your roster once submitted but you may swap psychic powers, and warlord traits game to game. Preregistration can be found on Best Coast Pairings here: If the event is sold out and you would like to attend please email admin@warpchargedgaming.com to be put on a wait list. Refunds from preregistration will be cut off on the 15th. of July 5 days out from the event. Doors open at 10:00 first round starts at 11:00 am. 3 hour rounds, games until 10 pm Sunday 2 Rounds 12pm - 8 The plan is Nova Open 2019 Missions to help everyone to be able to align their nova training with our Event and for people who can't make it to try. If the Nova missions are not available in a reasonable time leading up to the event then it will be standard 2019 ITC Championship missions. Updates will be posted to this page. This is made possible through a collaboration with Coastal Wargaming & WCG to combine forces to provide a top notch gaming experience. The terrain, mats, and T.O.'s will all be combined through Coastal Wargamings awesome ITC stylized terrain, and Warp Charged collection featuring GAMEMAT.eu, & Death Ray Designs, and custom 3d printed terrain from Table Top Alchemy. Warp Charged Gaming is happy to be able to host and will be live streaming / recording the best painted / players having the most fun, through out the event. CWG crew and Warp Charged definitely take fun seriously, this will be a pro event with great vibes and a rewarding experience! We are thrilled to combine forces in offering the community awesome events to grow and prosper together with our friendships made on the battlefield! 1. There is no paint requirement although always encouraged, we want to welcome everyone to play, including new players or armies. 2. Base size rule is only that it must be no bigger or smaller than the orginal base size it came with or its current version. We don't want players not coming because they haven't rebased their armies from 25mm to 32mm, nor if they have the original square bases (daemon players). 3. If a player wishes to use chess clocks at any given time in a match, if they have the clock available to use they may apply it to the game. If applied mid game divide the remaining time. See here to learn more about ITC timer rules. 4. 7. WYSIWYG is not enforced, but respected. All that is asked is that your models are not confusing to your opponent. You should be able to discern a sergeant equivalent in a unit, and distinguish one unit from the other that are the same type. Being organized and distinguishable with who holds what powers and wargear etc. "Counts as" are respectable if it is a legitimate model on a qualifying base size. Send a message with any questions if your questioning if you can use something. We want these instances to be few or very tasteful, please not a lord of change is mortarion or these blood letters are daemonettes etc. This will also be the start of Season 2 for the 2nd half of 2019 for our 40k Tournament League. Where we recognize overall winners over the course of 5-6 tournaments each half of the year. This will be a high scoring event within our league and within the ITC, come meet on the battlefield each month for our events!

Ticket Price:

$50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 3



13172 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian VA, 23113

Registered Players

Name Team
Ali Sharifi Warp Charged Gaming
Ames Evans Peace through Dakka
Andrew Auburger Peace through Dakka
Anthony Fitzgerald Beast Coast
Armon Pollack Coastal WarGaming
Austin Wingfield Team Battle Brothers
Ben Segal 13th Legion DMV
Bobby Soto Coastal WarGaming
Charles Craig Beast Coast
Chip Marshall
Chris Cardamone Coastal WarGaming
Chris Herrera Warp Charged Gaming
Chris Stover Beast Coast
Chris Taylor
Christopher Bettis Coastal WarGaming
Conor Lobb Warp Charged Gaming
Coy Monk Coastal WarGaming
Curt Phillips Team Battle Brothers
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Paolini
Eddie Stilwell Seek Revenge Gaming
Edward Appel Battlegrounds Bois
Elliot Shiben Oh hai mars
Eric Bobber
Eric Horne Mars Attacks
Hagen Richards
James Schopf Warp Charged Gaming
James Sheets Warp Charged Gaming
Jason Smith Wet Wild and Warpy
JC Watts Legion of Extraordinary Gentleman
John Lippens Diners Drive Ins And Dice
Jon Chisenhall
Jonathon Hilliard
Josh Kinder Team Battle Brothers
Josh Shiben Oh, Hai Mars
Katie Bishop Peace through Dakka
Ken Knox Peace through Dakka
Kevin Leonard (BIG Lenny) Buttface Mcgee Warp Charged Gaming
Luke Shapiro Warp Charged Gaming
Mark Hertel Team Battle Brothers
Matthew Dennis Legion of Extraordinary Gentleman
Matthew Hunt
Michael Aigner Legion of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Michael Vandusky
Nathan Dayton
Patrick Parker Peace through Dakka
Paul Seal Wet Wild and Warpy
Philip Helig Lost Boys
Phillip Kohrmann Dark Bunny Creatives
Raymond Martinez
Ryan Christensen OFP
Ryan Zell Those Once Loyal
Scott Horras Peace through Dakka
Scott Malkie
Shane Watts Peace through Dakka
Steven Christopher Lost Boys
Tama Mitchell
Ted Cantu
Tyler Wimer Team Battle Brothers
Will Evans Those Once Loyal