40k LVO Prep Tournament

1.5.2019 - 11:00am


$10 buy in. All money going towards prizes. Come try out your lists and prepare for LVO. 2000 Point ITC tournament, limit of 3 detachments. Missions each round will be randomly selected from the ITC mission packet. 3 rounds.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 21



133 State St
Clearfield UT, 84015

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Moore Blood Finger
Chad Rapier I club you club of east berlin
Chris Talley Space Hamsters
Christopher Morgan Cry, Havoc
Ed Hachtel
Ian Stolk
James Weston Double Dutch Rudder
Jason Newsom
Jeff Randall Golden Throne Thunder Dome
John Stuart
Jonathan Richardson PCG
Joshua Lynch
Kshon Chon
Micah Merkley Cry, Havoc!
Nathaniel Concepcion Golden Throne Thunder Dome